"Bread it isn't necessary to us, to us NATO give! "

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Yesterday, in Odessa official opening "Xi Briz-2008" took place. Its foreign participants are for a long time in the territory of ranges and military units of Ukraine which were earlier provided by the plan of these international doctrines.

It seems, everything has to be quiet. But …

The small analysis of materials in the Internet - mass media on this subject specifies absolutely the return. "Xi Briz's" opponents, despite N. Vitrenko and V. Marchenk's assurances that "don't let them in one standing mass media", lifted on July 14 the real hysterical sabbath, directly to tell, directed on a manipulation public opinion of the population.

After all there can't be at the same time Internet users in Odessa, to the Crimea, Nikolaev, Melitopol. And leaders of PSPU and "the Uniform Fatherland" can. Also it is visible, having put on raincoats of the superman or having seized abilities of teleporters are. After all judge for yourself, in one day they give interview about that, how many their supporters took part as passed in real time and than protest actions in these cities ended. That costed only by rhetoric and stylistics of these articles. For example, old men, women and children took part in Odessa "in peace picket of anti-NATO" - than not propaganda of times of the Great Patriotic War (it is good though not in volunteers invite).

And figures in general lovely sight. 30 people participated in an action really, but soon to join them 200 more. And, in several publications at once and, certainly any photos, only assurances. Where these 200 will undertake? Will land on parachutes or will arrive on an armored train? And at Nikolaev during journey colons the Georgian in PSPU camp which apparently from pictures in the Internet - mass media, really was empty, according to the guide of local supporters of PSPU there were 70 people. Here it is masking!

Also enough in yesterday's the Internet - newspapers statements of the same deputies of PSPU that if doctrines will be beyond the program were memorable, they I will be them байоктировать as illegal.Forgive, but it as? What means under "to be beyond the program"? To carry out test of a nuclear warhead on "Wide Lang" or an exit of group of Germans or Americans for the part territory, say, behind beer or cigarettes, or in general on a sightseeing tour? Why to direct an unhealthy public response from the fabricated facts. Clearly, public relations this sacred, but not so with gross spelling mistakes and impudently cooked up.

Besides, you wonder as this one of the most solid in Europe of editions, the Internet - the version "German wave" so easily and purposefully places obvious snowstorm from PSPU. Whether on that to the reason, as Germany opposed in Bucharest the entry of Ukraine into NATO? Strategic the partnership with gas-men - monopolists certainly is more expensive, but where bases of the European democracy to which we were accustomed for many years by Friedrich Ebert's funds and a number of other German non-governmental structures?


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