"For today's disorder of IFC "Nikolaev" to shift burden of responsibility to shoulders "Sigma - sports" it is immoral! ", - V. Merikov

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Today I am revolted by forcing, untwisting of the situation which has developed round JSC Sigma-sport through a prism of problems of IFC "Nikolaev". Probably, I will repeat, but once again I want to explain to the citizens which opinion try to manipulate skillfully the next time to please separately taken persons, our enterprise for many years financed soccer, being the only source for the maintenance of the Nikolaev team. Depth of a problem consists in the following - means are necessary for stable and successful activity of club. Now soccer, especially we talk about professional sports, this very expensive pleasure.

Municipal football club "Nikolaev" - the public organization which can and has to be financed from different sources. Therefore for today's disorder of club to shift burden of responsibility to shoulders "Sigma - sports" it is immoral. We intend to give financial support to sports and Municipal Football club "Nikolaev" further.

Means and considerable funds which we had opportunity to list, it is simply not enough for stable functioning of a professional soccer team. And, as far as I know, the club management not once brought this problem to a permission of the city, regional authorities, deputies and the public, solutions were offered also. It is a question not today. Problem for many years successfully and collectively ignored - here result.

Regarding conversations concerning so-called "protection" of interests of our enterprise or any privileges and preferences, it simply fiction though, on - visible, it is very convenient to someone to believe in it and to try to force to believe in absurdity of others. Such it is information - a virus infection.

Our enterprise wasn't awarded with any privileges. JSC Sigma-sport without using any benefits, carried out the activity under general conditions. And in view of the direct special, personal relation of heads of the company to sports carried out financing of a soccer team, being engaged in the solution of its pressing problems almost individually.

Current situation with club is sad, but I am struck by another.Vladimir Dmitriyevich's burning desire by manipulation with public opinion to give an impetus to a new political intrigue. Attempts to coordinate the arisen problems of a soccer team to political activity of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc simply don't maintain any criticism. I want to note that to look for communication between soccer and policy business ignoble and ungrateful. Soccer is sports. The sports causing passion, interest at many. Sports promoting this healthy society, healthy nation.

The clever will understand and will give an assessment to the events. And it one. By means of a small intrigue, populist reasonings and conclusions to convince the public of non-participation in all negative and to restore the status of "best" by means of douche by "dirt" being around. Including that political force which actively supported the mayor company in 2006.

Such position is unacceptable for me. If for a number of reasons there is an objective criticism, it is necessary to listen to it, it is constructive. Any checks for this purpose who did nothing to the detriment of a bulk, aren't terrible. Desire to accuse others of everything is as - that is unworthy. And tears apropos soccer "funeral" simply emotional tricks pressing on pity. Instead of "valorous" sobbings, it was necessary to solve problems in due time, not to hide them in Pandora's peculiar box, not to close an eye, not to hope at random, not to press on nobility.

I hope for one, life will place all points over "i", and wishing to be promoted at the expense of others and to collect political dividends are hardly it will be possible.

Chairman of the board of JSC Sigma-sport

Deputy of city council from BYuT fraction Merikov V. I.


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