The May Day City Council dismissed the executive committee

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On regular session of profit forty deputies, they amicably voted for the offered agenda and started the report of the mayor of - жи Sycheva. After the report there came time of deputy questions.

The deputy Carlin rode out the favourite skate - a critical situation in housing and communal services. He accused the first deputy of - on Plokhuta that the commissions are created for show, and acts of the violations, adopted by the commissions, to put it mildly, sink as "Titanic" that all offers on tariffs are made for nothing, and that из‑за divergences of - on Plokhuta in inventory of municipal property in PZhKO-2 to the deputy Carlin "filled a muzzle".

Further the chairman of the deputy commission on g questions housing and communal services - N Vladov acted and accused executive power that the issue of a cemetery isn't resolved, a city dump - 10 thousand hryvnias for the project allocated, but also the cat didn't roll; beach - from all planned actions for improvement only two dump trucks of sand are delivered. Besides, g - N Vladov mentioned the disrespectful attitude of officials towards people, the obstacles, repaired to the citizens, wishing to pass to autonomous heating, that the city municipal enterprises are probably created to employ only people a great lot to easy administrative positions. The g - N Vladov admitted to colleagues that it doesn't like the atmosphere in management of housing and communal services - nervous such, all fuss, какие‑то references to and fro carry, and to supervise housing and communal services there is nobody. Therefore at - on Vladov in the main responsible g - Plokhut's N and the head of department of housing and communal services of g - N Manoshin went.

Speech of the chairman of the budgetary commission Lyudmila Dromashko became deification drama discussion of the report. Lyudmila Grigoryevna specified that money from the development budget - 600 thousand hryvnias - lies "the dead capital" and isn't used anywhere: for that we wait? And how many we lose из‑за inflations? Similarly with 150 thousand which deputies allocated for residential district "Frigate" improvement from the free rest of the budget. Similarly with 30 thousand allocated for acquisition рубемаста for repair of roofs.

According to Lyudmila Grigoryevna, the regional council is ready to allocate 10 hectares of the earth under a cemetery, but in the city hall anybody stays without turning a hair.There is open a question with slot machines: from executive committee of any offers, and people complain, in tragedy families and so on. Are very doubtful built between the power and businessmen bridges - the partnership isn't present, except for expense accounts which are paid by business. It is made nothing in settlement of an advertizing question and reconciliation of two conflicting parties in the advertizing market especially as one of the parties spits on decisions of deputies and safely does the part. The judgment about payment of 600 thousand hryvnias on repayment of an intertariff difference of PZhKO-2 and if hopes for the appeal don't come true can become accident for the city budget, it is necessary to close many city social programs.

In conclusion of the performance Lyudmila Dromashko declared that though she and not the supporter of revolutions, but executive committee in two years is made nothing and farther to expect from it normal work is useless - it is possible to consider one million projects and to visit one million seminars, but from it it is easier for people to live doesn't begin. Therefore Lyudmila Grigoryevna announced changes in the draft decision and suggested them to submit for vote. Changes consisted in the following. To recognize work of executive committee unsatisfactory, to dismiss executive committee, to charge to the mayor formation of new structure of executive committee.

The mayor didn't agree with such formulation.

After a small break, the question of resignation was raised on vote. 27 deputies voted for resignation of executive committee, Against resignation two raised hands, the others - refrained. At final vote number of those who pro, increased to 29 voices. However, the mayor still has a veto, but deputies already showed that in key questions can unite and gather the necessary majority, and further confrontation hardly will be on advantage of the city hall.

The deputy of city council Lyudmila Dromashko makes comments:

The decision to dismiss executive committee was made for one reason. Us as deputies of city council, work of performing body which was created by a depuy corps didn't arrange. We wanted that in executive committee the political forces which haven't passed in city council were presented, and as a result turned out Lebed, the Cancer and the Pike. Array of problems which exist for today, and their non-performance have both objective, and subjective character. Therefore it is impossible to say that all non-performance is a divergence of executive committee.But at the same time there are many problems which we could solve, without expecting каких‑либо decisions from above, without hoping on какие‑либо monetary receipts from the outside. To solve them at the expense of own resource and the normal relation to work of performers. And thus we would leave from an array of problems which are today in the city. I as the chairman of the budgetary commission, speaking at session, told that we have in the city budget money which when forming the budget allocated for the solution of specific objectives. It and gasification of SSh No. 3, it both residential district "Frigate" improvement, and other objects. However passed half a year, and this money isn't used. There is a question: why performers badly prepare documents because at session the link what documents weren't prepared was heard? Who is guilty what for half a year documents aren't prepared? I consider that it is inadmissible - to have money in the budget and not to use them for designated purpose.

Today the situation turned out that for this money which we allocated in January, specified once again in March, we will be able to perform much less works, than it was provided since the beginning of year. Also it is very big for today a problem.

There are claims to work of executive committee and in other spheres. It is a lot of complaints to passenger traffic, on some land questions problems aren't solved in any way. We could attract more than one million hryvnias if the land questions were ordered in the budget. I any more don't speak about city borders. Very big question at us on the organization of work of the market. We made many decisions, but decisions of the City Council aren't executed. The executive committee notified us that as deputies saw it, the problem can't be solved with the market, but каких‑либо in return he didn't make offers. As a result, the situation there only worsens.

We don't know, whether the mayor will use the veto. But if it is vetoed, the mayor even more will aggravate a situation because it is now difficult to find happy with executive committee work as collective body. And it will be difficult for mayor to find support at the population. And I want to tell that we won't recede from the, we will demand changes in structure of executive committee and to demand that the executive committee was the partner of a depuy corps, instead of a counterbalance of city council. While we will work as opponents instead of as the uniform team, to sense from our work won't be".


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