Ukraine wants to enter the European Union with the fat

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Ukraine hopes to accelerate the entry into the European Union if participates in overcoming of food crisis.

I told about it vice-the prime minister - the minister Grigory Nemyrya in interview to the newspaper "Day".

In his opinion, Ukraine has a resource which can soften food crisis and give to Europe new competitiveness in agriculture.

"There is very serious European measurement which in this case if Ukraine uses these opportunities, will be positive to become the member of EU in medium-term prospect", - told Nemyrya.

He considers that food crisis is both a call, and chance for Ukraine.

"Because he (crisis) allowed to recreate unexpectedly opportunity for Ukraine again to become a granary not only Europe, but also wider world", - noted vice-the prime minister.

Немыря told that now nearly a half of the budget of EU is spent for joint agricultural policy, and in 2013 will pass a round of consultations and negotiations on further destiny of an agrarian policy.

In his opinion, in Europe many perceived Ukraine as the strong contender, able to threaten stability in a joint agrarian policy.

"It was one of arguments about which openly never spoke but which really existed in respect of quite skeptical relation to future membership of Ukraine in EU", - he told.

According to the vice-the premiere, now a situation changed, and food crisis concerned the European Union, and not just the poor countries in Asia and Africa.

As it was reported, Ukraine offers the help to the European Union in overcoming of a food and energy crisis.


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