Meshkovo - Pogorelovo: fight for the earth proceeds

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In Meshkovo's village - Pogorelovo developed an extraordinary situation from the raspayevky earth being садово - grape state farm "Memory of Communards". The earth of this suburban settlement, frankly speaking, attractive to businessmen, especially exotic peninsula "Sandy", located on 98 hectares of the area. This peninsula also became apple of discord between the shareholders applying for these lands, and local government which, by the way, agreed in due time to its raspayevka. Figuratively speaking the power decided not to give this island, having cancelled the decision, notice, year prescription, having ranked the peninsula earth as the reserved. However, as they say, the train left: people, having fairly spent, made projects on branch of the earth.

Now, if to withdraw a piece of the earth, that, according to the logic of things, it is necessary to make a fresh start. Here also the local government doesn't give a green light to issue of acts on land shares. Where only the chairman of the cooperative created for a raspayevka of the earth, Yury Bondar wrote on behalf of shareholders of the address and the complaint, business didn't move a little. It seemed, to this opposition there will be no end and edge. And here ice started. The power managed to find "a gold key" to pig-headed peasants. On one of recent rural a skhodok the governor Alexey Garkusha announced the list of the certain people applying for receiving shares. People were revolted not so by the fact of delivery of allotments to people, day not worked in the former state farm, as the sizes of these shares. The called figures simply dumbfounded people: their chairman had together with the wife 54,4 hectares, at the former head of state farm Vasily Ganzhela together with the wife of 41,5 hectares. Whereas it was necessary to the ordinary ordinary peasant on 4,5 hectares.So that's that! The law - a taiga, a bear - the owner. The peninsula Sandy was modestly divided into five people.

It is necessary to pay tribute of local government as it is thin it I worked, as the professional psychologist. Pier, not washing we will take you, so driving. Here also took. As speak, without noise and a dust. And after all, most likely, they knew about it earlier, but were silent. Now, so, time came when the peninsula was required to be withdrawn from a raspayevka. It and no wonder, it in style of work of local government.

Nevertheless, life goes on, and people hope to receive the deserved allotments. Also will receive. Probably, without peninsula "Sandy", but "перешерстят" lists of shareholders: I didn't work in state farm - go, walk. Will understand and with unfairly excluded from lists of shareholders.

On July 12 passed the next meeting of shareholders at which the cooperative management was re-elected. By the way, the chairman of cooperative Yury Bondar didn't come to the meeting, there were also no board members though the initiative group beforehand sent invitations to all members of cooperative. Did without them. Kruk Anatoly Fedorovich is unanimously elected the acting as the head of cooperative. Approved also structure of new board.

It should be noted and activity of people. It was felt that they aren't indifferent. Despite scorching heat, the people in large quantities I came to the meeting held at local school, perfectly understanding that for them nobody will solve their problem. The assembly hall was filled, more than ever, to a limit.

As the epic from the raspayevky state earth will come to the end in this village, will show time.


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