The Nikolaev sportswomen become victims of Olympic "revision"

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Refusal in participation of a number of the Nikolaev sportswomen in the upcoming Olympic Games caused a big resonance not only in the sports environment of the city. Disagreement with the decision of National Olympic Committee was stated also by local authorities. In this regard the correspondent addressed for the comment to the head of department concerning a family, youth and regional state administration sports Alexander Sadovsky.

- It was originally planned that to Beijing there will go couple in a synchronous diving Elena Fedorova - Alevtina Koroleva. But in Kiev changed these plans: Fedorova will act in individual jumps, and by the Queen in general is refused the Olympic license. How it occurred?

- Three months ago I was invited in the ministry. To me it was told that the Queen - Fedorov - this couple unpromising, and it it is necessary to strengthen Maria Voloshchenko from Lugansk. I am not a trainer, but I understand that in three months nobody prepares the Olympic result. We stated the disagreement. The meeting with the deputy minister for youth and sports Yaroslav Dutchak took place. It overpersuaded me, having told that experiment everything is it is worth making. However the subsequent competitions showed its inefficiency. On the World Cup from 11 synchronous couples they took the 10th place. But in conversation with the trainer sounded: "Or they will jump that structure which is now, or they won't jump at all".

- And what situation with the Nikolaev fencer Nina Kozlova?

- In a team competition from our fencers she now holds the third place of a world rating. But why - that united together the Ukrainian rating and world. As a result of Ning it appeared on the fifth position. On the European championship it put in team, but to fence didn't let out.

At us can select still the license on rowing on a canoe. Demand to make rearrival. Our couple showed very good results at all competitions.And what - again to prove, what they the best, what sense in it?

It is Perhaps connected with what Nikolaev, having 27 licenses, beats such cities as Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk? But we have to be people state and think, first of all, of prestige of the state.


The letter with an official position of our area is sent to the Ministry of youth and sports affairs. The answer still isn't received. Anyway, preparation for the Olympic Games reached finishing line. About chances of nikolayevets, financing and many other, connected with upcoming games read tomorrow in expanded interview to Alexander Sadovsky.


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