Today in Nikolaev celebrations in honor of 1020 - the anniversaries of the Christianization of Kievan Rus'

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Today, on July 17, will pass Religious procession with relics of the Saint grand duke Vladimir equal to the apostles, devoted 1020 - to the anniversary of a baptism of Kievan Rus'. Religious procession will arrive to Nikolaev with relics of the Saint grand duke Vladimir equal to the apostles and Agapiya Pechersky.

Also will bring icons of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Pecherskaya), St. Feodosiy Chernigovsky, the Mother of God "Prezri on Humility" (copy), 2 new icons of the Epiphany of Kievan Rus'. It becomes one of episodes of celebration 1020 - the anniversaries of the Epiphany of Kievan Rus'. We will remind that in May, 2008 the President of Ukraine issued the Decree "About Celebration in Ukraine 1020 — the Anniversaries of a Baptism of Kievan Rus'".

The corresponding order was signed also by the governor Alexey Garkusha, reported in a press - regional state administration service. Also it is already possible to speak about some results of execution of these documents.

So, the regional broadcasting company carried out the telecast "History of Creation of Kiyevo — Pechersky Monastery", the program cycle "Temple holidays", in particular, about temples of the city of Nikolaev was organized. The regional state administration department of education for the purpose of education in youth of feeling of respect for spiritual inheritance is provided carrying out in educational, improving institutions of thematic actions for illumination of history of Christianity in Ukraine. It both thematic lessons, and hours of communication, oral magazines, the lectures "Views of the Modern Person of the Remote Past of Ukraine", "To Christianity in Russia - 1020", "Kievan Rus' - a cradle of Slavic Orthodoxy", "Eternal cultural wealth", "Slavyansk and Christian mythology". In area "round tables", scientifically - the practical conferences "Historical Value of Adoption of Christianity", "Kievan Rus' took place. Value for development of Ukraine today", "Cultural - historical result of the Christianization of Kievan Rus'", "Orthodox belief and our state".

In libraries of educational and improving institutions of area library lessons, literary soirees, quizes are conducted, the book exhibitions "Christian Temples", "Christianity History", "Instructions of the Ukrainian People", "Surprising World of an Icon", "Big Book of Spirituality", "Sacred History" are organized.Excursions with studying youth on sights of Nikolayevshchina and other cities of Ukraine connected with history of Christianity of Ukraine are organized, reports a press - service YEAH.


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