Vladimir Chaika: "The IFC "Nikolaev" should be turned into open joint stock company"

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Yesterday, on July 17, at 17.30 the mayor Vladimir Chaika on hands already had documents that is restored by IFC "Nikolaev" in PFL and that instead of "-3" our football club is included by Dynamo in a calendar of games. The mayor could tell about it this morning, having reported that he "couldn't leave Kiev without result".

According to V. Chaika, urgent meeting of PFL II of league and PFL bureau meeting took place yesterday, and before it managed to hold negotiations with the president of "Dynamo" (Kiev) Igor Surkis and the chairman of Federation of soccer of Ukraine Grigory Surkis - to explain the situation which has developed in Nikolaev.

- It is clear that we couldn't return to the I league: the calendar of games is painted and published, necessary payments are carried out. At that meeting of PFL to me it was sick and at the same time it is a shame that I where - that missed a situation and I believed certain people. Chaika, Ivanov, Petrov that in the separate moments sponsors so bring isn't guilty, - the mayor told.

Most likely, from current situation certain lessons will be taken out. Already now V. Chaika says that it is necessary to go other way - by open joint stock company creation. "I think that we will find the main shareholders.

And additional resources for club will manage to be received thanks to fans among whom is both ordinary people, and businessmen who will be able to grant the small sum for team support", - the mayor considers. And, probably, it not so isn't right. For example, the necessary sum for return to PFL (+ $1,5 thousand) was found $25 thousand - businessmen whom V. Chaika didn't call and which, according to him, wanted to enter into the Supervisory board of IFC "Nikolaev", thus made the first entrance fee.

And among them as the mayor assured, JSC Sigma-sport wasn't. Though absolutely from football club this society doesn't disown. "The sigma - sports" doesn't refuse to help club further. But - taking into account that their financial as they speak, the state doesn't give the chance to finance completely club", - Chaika told.

If to speak about the team of IFC "Nikolaev", team, according to the mayor, it is fully completed. And on July 20 the first game on departure with belotserkovsky "Arsenal" is necessary to it already.

And in 10 days, the mayor, IFC papers "Nikolaev" promised a raft


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