Nature abhors a vacuum ….

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The residential district "Dry Fountain" - one of the old aristocratic districts of Nikolaev where the elite always sought to lodge, got over time same "diseases", as any, so-called "proletarian" area.
Now there a look the garbage, the broken roads, not well-groomed green plantings "please", the pivnukh on the pivnukh.
The architecture of the residential district strikes with contrast: old houses in continuous cracks as in scars, the chic and charm new, in view of a zagazhennost and neglect of the territory adjoining to them, fades and grows dull, casting gloomy thoughts.
Here, for example, in any hundred meters to the left of Kaskadny Square, the huge waste ground, about 60 hundred parts was stretched. The center of a site is covered with the most various stuff, at the edges - a grass in the human growth in which waste heaps of construction and household garbage are based. In other words, - simply a nursery of any infection. In mind doesn't keep within that once the palace of Young technicians …
there was located- From the shabby building of the Palace of Young technicians at first removed a roof, cleaned piers, - wanted to make of it the three-storyed improving center. And, it was provided by the plan socially - economic development of the residential district! Also was planned to finish this construction whether in 2005, whether in 2006, but as you can see - movements - zero. Wishing to be under construction here was enough, but now all this territory, here these tumble-down houses - everything belongs to one owner, - any insurance company. Place good, but also the price, as far as I know, - 25 thousand dollars for 1 hundred part! At the prices of last year - this site is cost by nearly one and a half million dollars, - the chairman of OSN "Dry Fountain" Valery BAKHMUTSAN told.
Unfortunately, while interested in a titbit can't agree on the price, here the situation remains former.
Slightly above than this thrown site the modern elite five-storey building with garages in the socle room settled down. As the beginning of process of construction was disturbed by the line of high-voltage wires, the builder decided "to throw" it through the square "Cascade". Inhabitants lifted revolt as were afraid that transfer of the line could affect life of green plantings harmful. As a result the builder found the optimum decision - to carry out this line underground.To embody the drawn-up plans in reality, I signed the contract with OSN "Dry Fountain" in which undertook to execute a number of conditions of inhabitants of the residential district in exchange on their consent to construction. The builder promised that won't begin to be fenced off by a fence from other houses that will give money for repair of roofs of the residential district, will improve the adjacent territory and so on. But, according to the chairman of OSN "Dry Fountain", actually I executed all of percent 10 from the promised. Sadly.

Other example. On a place of the old playground located in the top part of Kaskadny Square across the road construction of a high-rise building, "semi-antique" is planned. According to inhabitants, there are going to build the house in 5 or 6 floors. What turns out?
Instead of with the minimum expenses to make repair of an old playground and to create normal conditions of rest to children from neighboring houses, the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies gave this land plot for the next building. Provided that at Kaskadny Square bottom the builder will deliver a new platform to children. "Barter" is good it turned out, isn't it?...
Alas, that the tidbits of the city earth in Nikolaev try to ALLOCATE simply to the builder instead of to EXPOSE ON AUCTION, to become city trouble.
As inhabitants of the residential district told, "… almost in each of construction objects ears of the mayor "stick out"". But only whether it?
… Bugsky Boulevard, 1 - B is an address of the next future building. According to inhabitants, the nephew of one high-ranking official from justice intended to construct there 10 floor house. What will be with the neighboring two-storey building in which once long ago settled down Bann - laundry combine and a dining room over which, according to the plan of residential district development, last year had to complete two more floors? Most likely, this building will demolish, - so considers the majority of the population which were completely undeceived in judiciousness of a gradonachalstvo.
Honestly: about what construction it is possible to speak if in the summer of last year in couple of meters from the fenced site of future new building, in the house No. 3 of B located opposite, almost there was a tragedy - at night, during heavy rain, the retaining wall failed! Without having sustained water flows, the design from the concrete blocks, holding a soil slope about the house, collapsed. Length of the collapsed wall - 22 meters. Besides, near a skyscraper menacing gullies were formed, by places even base blocks are naked.And after all to this vice-president of committee OSN "Dry Fountain" repeatedly I sounded alarm in the corridors of power - won't take measures, misters officials not to pass trouble! That time did without loss of human life. But where the guarantee of what from the beginning of building of new object, a situation won't repeat? After all except emptiness in residential district soil the grounds for alarm are given also by a shabby condition of available housing facilities …
Probably, simply by miracle inhabitants of the residential district managed to resist to the builder which взбрендило to construct hotel on Komsomolsky Square slope. To they are let go whistle. And ежель who will succeed it?
… Speak, nature abhors a vacuum. And so on Dry Fontana, probably, some favourites from the power are ready to give all historical places to the one who will give them more money. Such to spit on the historical past together with architectural shape of the residential district.
Also that turns out turns out - inhabitants of the Dry Fountain need to care of destiny of once prestigious district of the city, many of which joined ranks of public organization "Our City of Nikolaev". To be at war for preservation of green plantings in two squares of the residential district, for architecture monuments, for purity of the territory, eventually, to think of safety of the houses. And what remains to the power?...


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