Yury Lutsenko: friendship friendship, but natives of Georgia constitute danger

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko demands that the order was brought to the sphere of delivery of permissions to foreign citizens on residence in Ukraine.

He declared it at a briefing in the Chernigov area.

According to the minister, in a year the right for residence in Ukraine on the basis of a provision of the law is provided to about four thousand foreign citizens that they were 3 years in Ukraine and have housing and work.

Lutsenko noted that his concern is caused by that many certificates of stay in Ukraine are fictitious.

"There are manipulations in arrangement to employees of militia and other speculators who earn on it money", - the minister told.

Lutsenko emphasized that it is necessary to bring an order to this sphere, having protected the Ukrainian law and the Ukrainian interests.

Answering a question, whether really on board of the Kiev militia he spoke about need to limit delivery of permissions to stay in Ukraine to foreign citizens, the minister told that his phrase was taken out of a context.

According to Lutsenko, he emphasized only that it is necessary to bring an order to the sphere of delivery of these permissions.

"And somebody who criticizes me, let calls me not the expert, the racist, but it is necessary to deliver a reliable barrier to those who fictitiously receives documents for continuous accommodation, without having any conditions for life in Ukraine".

Thus the minister added that it in the most part people who can create problems both criminogenic, and medical character.

Lutsenko promised that will bring an order to this sphere, despite of everything: "I will show first of all care of interests and employment of Ukrainians, thus normally treating people of other races and nationalities".

He emphasized that, giving tasks to subordinates to order the sphere of delivery of permissions, doesn't make anything illegal.

"Nobody can suspect me that I don't love the Georgian people, beginning from my close relations with David Zhvaniya, finishing my friendship with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia", - Lutsenko told.

"But, believe that hundreds natives of the Caucasian region and from Georgia, in particular, constitute today the increased danger on streets and in houses of our citizens. And therefore friendship friendship, and service - service", - he added.


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