On "Xi Briz" there is an information war

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Again over "Xi Briz" clouds, clouds which as a magnet attract N. Vitrenko and her wards are condensed.

And it is a question of carrying out on July 19 so-called Day of the press on the Nikolaev military range "Wide all right" where (already were tired to repeat unlimited time) there are Macedonians, Georgians and Armenians.

According to official information a press - services Naval Forces of Ukraine, this day to the range there has to arrive a significant amount of employees of local and central masses - media to which participants "Xi Briz-2008" will show in what the task of these long-awaited tremblingly N. Vitrenko and V. Marcheno the whole year of doctrines consists.

But it appears not so. Leaders of progressing socialists are intended to use this moment with benefit for the image - in addition to be advertized against the range, the tents, slogans, the benefit - journalists gratuitous. Will bring and will take away their press - service of Naval Forces of Ukraine, can even will feed and will sing, it isn't necessary to be spent for transportation costs. The main thing to shout yes айлюлюкать when the bus with representatives of mass media will leave from "Wide Lang" more loudly. The benefit our Ukrainian TV companies and the central editions took a position of passive observers in information opposition which is provoked by "vitrenkovets" in television and the Internet - space.

To N. Vitrenko obediently echo conducting the Internet - newspapers "Nemetskaya Volna", "Ukrainskaya pravda", "Novy region" (the Russian edition known for "independence"), in the camp, placed PSPU, almost as to themselves home there come own correspondents of TV channels "ORT", "Rossiya", "NTV", extending then "objective" materials how "the oppressed people of Ukraine" protest against the accession to NATO and even, let short-term, but stay of the military personnel of this organization in the territory of the southern areas of our country. Really невидаль what if to take into account обширнейшею the program of joint doctrines of Armed forces of Russia with the same NATO which is realized more than 10 years.

Also this "seamy side" to the Ukrainian audience and the readers, wrapped in "a brilliant wrapper" professionally prepared by the Russian "independent" journalists of media - a product flows then.

The concept of objectivity and reliability of information of editions and on TV channels quite vaguely and, first of all, depends on the journalist, his principles, preparation and personal qualities. But, looking through this badly smelling product of TV channels of the Russian Federation, the author always has the same question: if TV companies of the countries neighboring to Russia so shamelessly interfered with the internal affairs of this state incited by any Russian "deserved" opposition political party where there would be this party and where there would be these channels? Siberia is great, in London too there is a quite good weather, and in some Russian megalopolises in general people "disappear at obscure" circumstances.

And concerning N. Vitrenko one conclusion arises: statements for "information vacuum" from the Ukrainian mass media, lack of funds for placement in them the PR - materials is a bluff and the next PR a course. After all, if to consider that quotations of the central Russian channels are some orders higher Ukrainian, and they FREE OF CHARGE actively "lick" from year to year in search of scandals all details of activity of PSPU on "Xi Briz", it is possible to suspect them of obvious altruism. But as it, unfortunately, here obviously also doesn't smell.


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