Inga Babakova everything is will go to Beijing

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To the glorified jumper from Nikolaev Inga Babakova the Federation of track and field athletics of Ukraine and National Olympic Committee everything is opened the road to Beijing together with her pupil Vita Stepina who will participate in the Olympic Games.

We will remind that at the beginning of June the executive committee of Federation of track and field athletics of Ukraine by ballot decided that together with Vita Stepina there will go not her personal trainer whom Inga Babakova, and the trainer of the jumper who took the second place in the Championship of Ukraine is.

And the other day a row of mass media placed the list of participants of the Olympic Games and trainers who will go together with them on the Olympic Games to China. Among them also Inga Babakova already is registered.

Though as she told the correspondent of "News of N", up to 18-го July it had doubts on the fact that to it will open the road to Beijing.

To overcome resistance Kiev "a sports mafia" it was absolutely difficult. To go to the Olympic Games, our glorified compatriot had to address in the highest instances. Big help to Inga Babakova was given by Alexander Sadykov who contacted on the problems which have arisen round a trip of Babakova, the minister of affairs of youth and sports Yury Pavlenko. After Pavlenko's intervention the question also moved off dead center.

Inga Alvidasovna expresses sincere gratitude to all who helped it with overcoming of intrigues of some officials from sports, including, and to our site. After all the speech, in this case, goes not about personal ambitions, and about prestige of our country on the international scene. According to existing rules, on the Olympic Games the trainer of the athlete who is recognized as the BEST following the results of internal and international competitions surely goes.


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