Circus representation of PSPU on "Xi Briz" took place!

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On July 19 vicinities of "Wide Lang" announced hysterical shouts and the musical repertoire popular during the Great Patriotic War. These are neistvuyushchy, literally this word, activists of PSPU tried to draw attention of journalists, which profits this day on the military range "Wide Lang" for illumination of an overland phase of the international doctrines "Xi Briz-2008".

Preventing possible charges of a zaangazhirovanost, we will note that fact that in an arsenal of progressive socialists there was quite powerful sound amplifier, some disks with songs "Get Up the Country Huge", "Victory Day", etc. which with monotony and sadistic methodicalness muffled all live round "Wide Lang".

But here ways at "vitrenkovets" were followed by activists of several Nikolaev organizations who share the opposite point of view, support carrying out these international military exercises and the plan for cooperation with NATO. They were peacefully built opposite to protesting members of PSPU, on the other side of the central road conducting on the shirokolanovsky range.

Already since the very first moment of appearance of the opponents who stood with the banners and slogans, from outside "peespeushnik" mud was thrown, their began to offend, calling an offensive language and humiliating shouts.

Well it didn't turn out such, as last year, an eksklyuzivchik which N. Vitrenko and V. Marchenko planned to teach, in anticipation of arrival on the date of the press of journalists from their favourite Russian TV channels "ORT" and "Rossiya" (the last, in general, ignored this action). And spoiled a "goryachenky" plot about 250 nikolayevets who visually showed existence in the field of public forces which don't share opinion of PSPU on the future of our country, and, knowing inadequacy of certain representatives of this party, weren't afraid to declare it publicly.

Actions ended peacefully, but here the unpleasant deposit remained.That the political party which according to her statements, represents opinion and moods of the majority of inhabitants of the southern regions of Ukraine, can't tolerantly hold public event in the presence of the ideological opponents sets thinking. Shout and insults - here the main thing and


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