Features of national administration

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The large Japanese bank allocated the credit for terminal D construction at the airport Borispol in 2005. And patiently I waited while we will deign "to master" it. The governments changed, the airport management changed, there were judicial "dismantlings" concerning other objects on its territories...

The governments changed, the airport management changed, there were judicial "dismantlings" concerning other objects on its territories... At last, a month ago the contractor for the terminal D was selected. And literally in "five minutes" from a final decision "the political decision" interfered with business.

Now the state refuses Japanese money and gives construction in a charge of private traders. The Japanese bank of the international development (JBIC) won't be related any more to terminal construction. As the Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky, "declared this political decision which was made at the last meeting of Cabinet of Ministers". At the beginning of July the Minister of Transport was perplexed why the prime minister - the minister suggests to redirect means from the Japanese credit for building of other objects, for example, the district road in Nikolaev. Now Vinsky already is aware of events. Apparently, to it mission only to a postscoring of the decision of the government rather heads of Cabinet of Ministers dropped out in the matter. The idea obviously isn't pleasant to Vinsky - differently work would be supervised by his department, and on foreign money.

It is necessary to consider our domestic level of corruption of everyone and everything. Can mentally work with us unless Italians and representatives of the Latin American and Asian countries who don't need to explain the concepts "kickback" and other similar to it. Certainly, it is possible to say that a cause of failure from the Japanese credit began to earn additionally only banal desire of officials on traditional for a domestic tandem "business - the power" concepts. In due time the author had to study the list of demands which were made by one Japanese company to the potential Ukrainian partners.Among them the weekly report on an expenditure of means", and appointment of structure of operating management on especially parity beginnings (in spite of the fact that the Ukrainian investments in the project was more than a half) appeared ". As it was explained privately, each Japanese that would "be affiliated" to supervise for each Ukrainian in council. Having thought of such fascinating prospect, ours refused the project.

So mistrustful descendants of Samurais and in a case with the distressful credit - it is hard to say would arrive. In total - here it was a question of already passed decision, and at the state level. Besides the credit was allocated more than three years ago. However practical part of its realization started only recently. The contractor - the Turkish group Dogus/Alarko/YAD (YDA) which has won the tender the Spanish Obrascon Huarte Lain was already declared and approved. It was necessary to start "mastering", and there was a basic refusal of the idea of Japanese investments.

Yes, it would be banal and it is obvious to comment on this event in the spirit of "were afraid control from Japanese" and "didn't see opportunity to plunder". This factor too, more than possibly, "takes place to be", but what else there can be reasons of such decision?

The government of Ukraine and Japanese bank of the international development in Kiev signed on March 29, 2005 the agreement (in the form of an exchange of notes) between the governments of two countries about granting the credit for financing of the project of development of the Borispol airport for the term of 30 years and for the sum of 19 billion 92 million yens (about 180 million dollars). The maturity date of the credit was established from September 10, 2015 to March 10, 2035. The project provided construction of the new terminal with a capacity of 1 thousand passengers at an o'clock, buildings, a 3-5-floor parking, roadbed repair at the airport.

According to the plan, construction had to begin in the second quarter 2008. However, as we see, at the end of June took place only definition of the contractor. Had to finish building in the third quarter 2010-го. At the end of January Borispolsky the airport received from bank the next tranche of 8,028 million

After passed in the second half of June of information on final definition of campaign - the contractor information on the possible redirection of the funds allocated by Japanese bank at once started coming. Iosif Vinsky sounded the alarm: such measures will lead to the actual denunciation of the agreement, he declared three weeks before."This credit is regulated by documents and agreements between the Ukrainian government and Japanese bank where it is written accurately down that the credit goes on the Borispolsky airport. It is the target credit. The government, of course, can make the decision, but today there is an agreement which in force" - publicly was explained by it. It became as a result clear: if means to redirect it doesn't turn out, it is necessary to refuse the credit. Therefore, it is necessary to terminate it by an exit from the agreement of one of the parties.

Where the government planned to redirect Japanese money, and it, not much much, 175 million dollars? Officially was one more is sounded "building of a century" - construction of the district road and the bridge crossing through the Southern Bug in Nikolaev. Here the direct speech of the prime minister at meeting with administratively - an economic asset of the Nikolaev area on July 4: "While I speak about the plan in order that for "Borispol" (airport) could attract the investor according to the open auction scheme, let builds terminals not for public funds, and we will transfer this credit to Nikolaev to complete the district road".

The bypass road in Nikolaev sounded from Yulia Vladimirovna's lips not just like that. The project of the bypass bridge was submitted on consideration to Cabinet of Ministers at the same time with the project reconstruction of "Borispol" in 2004, and approved by the Japanese party. A year ago, in June, 2007, Nikolaev was visited by delegation of Japanese bank of the international cooperation. The construction project of a bypass road and the bridge through the Southern Bug which would help streams of heavy-load transport to pass Nikolaev, is estimated at 400 million dollars. As well as the borispolsky project, this construction it had to be carried out within the Program of the Official Aid of Development (OAD) of the Government of Japan.

However in the person of the redirection of funds from object on object Japanese don't understand "features of national administration". They - for accurate observance of credit conditions. Therefore now to the place of the state the private investor will come to the construction project of the terminal D. And, having seen this investor for certain connected - directly or indirectly - about business - interests any of representatives of present Cabinet of Ministers (Iosif Vinsky can be excluded from the list), we will be able to answer a question "To whom favourably? ". It is favorable to whom to terminate at the last moment contracts and to risk that reputation of the country?


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