The "lawful" pothouse at the railway station was illegal

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We already reported that directly in the middle of a platform at the Nikolaev railway station between ways "inserted" beer tent. Thus the chief of the railway station Leonid Plechenko claimed that the tent is established lawfully, on it there are all relevant documents. And even moreover - the management of the station, according to him, thus made more available to passengers a trade place.

Actually, the outlet in the middle of cross ties was not such and lawful as assured of it our correspondents of g - Plechenko's N. To that there is a documentary confirmation - the official reply of administration of Leninsky district to a legal assignment of session of the city council, directed addressed to the deputy of the City Council Evgenia Bondarenko. The document is signed by the head of Lenin district administration Anatoly Plokhotnyuk.

"Permission to placement of trade object on a platform of the passenger railway station wasn't provided by administration of Leninsky district", - is spoken in the document.

Contains in it and other interesting information: "By an exit to a place together with representatives of Lenin RO GUMChS it is established: the trade object is placed on a platform 3-by it a track of the railway station in violation of the rules of trade, Fire safety regulations, Rules of placement of small architectural forms, requirements of safety measures of movement".

Also it is noted that "for the purpose of prevention of violation of requirements of the current legislation", the head of the station was given the instruction - to dismantle illegally established trade object.

And the director of the station had to clean a pothouse from the station territory. But that then there are its cock-and-bull stories to journalists what the tent was established quite lawfully?.


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