"The whole world on a palm. You are happy and mute. "

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We already told about participation of the Nikolaev delegation in a present ascension of the top officials of the state to Goverla. In this action called, according to her organizers to unite the nation, our special correspondent participated also.

About 800 people - on twenty representatives from each area - I accepted Ivano - Frankovshchina on July 17-18, in days of a presidential action of opening of the restored sculptural composition of "Trizub" on Goverl's the mountain.

In spite of the fact that technically it not the most difficult top of the Carpathians, lifting on it on a shoulder not to everyone. When you come out of the smerekovy wood covering the mountain to a half, and to a look the hundred-meter steepness of degrees under seventy which top goes to fog opens, there is a distinct desire to turn back. "My God, and why I only here got", - the middle-aged lady laments behind.

But the Nikolaev delegation on the road joked: "You won't rise by Goverla - how then to look in the face to the President? " It is visible therefore top of the Ukrainian Carpathians the fervent Nikolaev youth, despite of fog and a small rain, won the first, all for any an hour and a half. Having overtaken even the trained fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we managed to be photographed against "Trizuba" and began to expect delegation headed by the president.

Victor Yushchenko submitted Goverla already for the thirty third time. But if earlier he usually climbed up top from Goverlyana, a small plateau on Ivano - the Frankovsky party, this time accompanied by heads of the regional state administrations preferred to rise from Zakarpatye, where more gentle slopes. Though this ascension was given it hardly: the group as a part of which the president rose, was late more than on hour

Opening of sculptural composition of "Trizub" began the size 6×4 of m which was delivered to top by representatives of the scout organization "Plast", and the national anthem performed by Cherleni of a Patsyorka ensemble with a raising of a national flag. Then the President acted.

It should be noted that during opening of the restored composition Victor Yushchenko never mentioned members of the Euroasian union of the youth, profaned "Trizub" on October 19 last year.But the head of the Main service of humanitarian policy concerning preservation of national cultural property of the Secretariat of the President Alexander Bystrushkin in expressions to the address of vandals didn't hesitate. He noted also that regrets that actions "Euro - is wild - Asian group" can be regarded under the law only as small hooliganism.

The present composition nips in the bud all possible attempts of violation: instead of a demountable metal design now on Goverla almost three-meter marble stele towers, crowns which symbolical trident. In its pedestal capsules with the earth from all areas of Ukraine are put. Now on Goverla there is an earth from the island of Hortitsa (Zaporozhye), the base of fight for Dnepr (Kiyevshchina), battle places under Krutami (Chernigiv region). By the earth from the New Odessa Kurgan glories it is nowadays presented there and Nikolayevshchina.

Not casually the president was accompanied also by the heroine of "orange revolution" the woman of Parask. After all on Goverla this day the monument in honor of a victory was open also for "orange revolution". However, to this stele surrounded with a symbolical wooden horseshoe, attention it was given much less: it only tied with tapes as a sign of opening.

Victor Yushchenko spoke about national heroes, unity of the nation and sacral value of an All-Ukrainian ascension to Goverla this day. And still - about the youth roles, which each emergence on Goverla, according to the President, opens the new page of national mutual understanding.

Value of this mutual understanding fully could estimate and representatives of the Nikolaev delegation headed by the governor of the region Alexey Garkusha, his deputy Dmitry Oboronko and the chief of the department for a family, children and youth YEAH Ruslan Kovbasoy. Nikolayevtsev this day hospitably accepted Ivano's Rozhnyatovsky region - Frankovshchina. And behind a table d'hote it was already unimportant who you are and from where: we went to top shoulder to shoulder.

As Vladimir Vysotsky, on the friendship which was born in mountains assured, it is possible to rely. And whether will execute Goverla's All-Ukrainian gain the mission across the nation, will show time.


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