Shirkers, idlers and workers for 860 million: results of regular session of BP of the VI convocation

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The cancellation of deputy privileges promised on elections in the eyes turned into fiction. In total in the current budget more than 860 million UAH are allocated for expenses of parliament. It, for example, is 102 times more, than on actions for the prevention of children's homelessness, or in 5 times more allocated for improvement of patients by tuberculosis. Where this money leaves and that Ukrainians in exchange receive, understood the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper.

In 2008 860 million 370 thousand UAH are allocated for expenses of parliament. The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko in the project of changes to the budget-2008 showed a bit of generosity for 27 million UAH. 3 million it was offered to add on overhaul of BP and creation of the automated it is information - analytical BP system money on which annually leaves, and edge end it isn't visible to works. 10 million UAH it was promised on financially - technical providing BP and actually legislative activity. The project was successfully failed, and by fall appetites of the legislators who have overspent on yachts and planes, probably, will grow repeatedly.

By simple arithmetic calculations it is possible to establish that the maintenance of parliament costs to each Ukrainian young and old 18,7 UAH a year, or 5 kopeks a day (860 million UAH / 46 million Ukrainians). Sum, at first sight, the small. But deputies are ready to fight for each kopek as soon as the speech comes about cut in expenditure on them. Reached even before that regionals with a crash failed the bill of the colleague Anna Hermann, suggesting to cut down the imperial benefits. All went on elections with idea of cancellation of privileges, in practice it appeared that without opportunity to sweep free of charge in the tram or the trolleybus or to get out of turn a number in hotel, lawmaking in Ukraine, in principle, is impossible.

As the prospect of reduction of privileges doesn't shine soon, it is possible to begin with punishment of idlers and idlers ruble.That it is necessary to do if for all the time of work of the second session of BP of the VI convocation (from February to June) deputies could adopt only 44 laws. At last session - 93.

The old Law on government purchases is cancelled, new isn't accepted, as well as legislative base for Euro-2012. The fraction of Party of Regions diligently "heated" the bills, "social sphere" for miners if only to prove the coalitions her incapacity. Ten sessional days from 42 left on a showdown apropos "letters of three" to NATO management, prevention of re-elections in Kharkov and blocking by the power themselves. During this time on one deputy salaries it was possible to save over 7 million UAH. Deputies couldn't elect in eight months two vice-speakers. As a result even Arseniy Yatsenyuk recognized that the parliament "significantly degraded".

To impound a fat

The Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper counted, the maintenance of the most persistent absentees of BP costs what kopek to the Ukrainian citizens. BYuT fraction is in the lead in an anti-rating: while its management complains about intrigues Bank in failure of votes, the discipline in fraction seriously limps. And here whom it is worth following an example, so it litvinovets. Vladimir Mikhaylovich's deputies didn't shirk more than 1-2 meetings, the statistics at communists - on the average is slightly worse than 6-7 truancies on soul of the deputy. Cards of regionals vote regularly, even Rinat Akhmetov, the rare guest in the building on the Grushevsky street.

Naturally, shirkers in Rada much more. It is safely possible to rank those who without valid excuse was absent at meetings of committees of BP as them, for what financial sanctions from giving of the head of committee are also provided. However, humane in this regard the legislation allows to withhold from pays of deputies of the sum only in one case - for truancies without valid excuse.

The legalized inaction

If on number of persistent absentees ahead of all BYuT, the palm among idlers the second session in a row surely is held by Party of Regions. Any project didn't register 59 regionals, and it is a third of fraction. In BYuT of such deputies 34 (21%), in WELL - NANOSECOND - 11 (15%), on 6 idlers it appeared in Blok of Litvin and KPU. That is interesting, lacking initiative there were practically all parliamentary money-bags - Rinat Akhmetov (PR), Alexander Abdullin, Bogdan Gubsky, Konstantin Zhevago and Tariel Vasadze (all - BYuT fraction). It calls into question once again expediency of their stay in the building on the Grushevsky street, 5.

As the efficiency 116-ти deputies equals to zero, it is fair to deprive of them both salaries, and expense accounts, and payments for improvement. As a result, the economy will make about 27 million UAH. And further it is possible to enter various penalties, for example, for delay, fear of performances or absence at fraction meetings. Even such modest economy with preservation of all privileges and privileges will allow to withdraw from pockets of Ukrainians not 5, but 4 kopeks a day! Trifle, of course, but pleasant!

However, powerful number of bills - yet an indicator of efficiency of the deputy. On it as it appeared, it is possible to earn quite good money for the car of a representative class. For example, once the opposition submits the superactual bill, right there is an alternative initiative from the coalition, practically word for word its duplicating. The more clones, the there are less than chances that the project will be approved as fractions vote generally for "". Here parliamentary handymen also guessed to take money for a response of the bill. As experts on this process tell, the bargaining goes with such scope, what even the termination of the budgetary financing of BP won't affect number wishing to get to the supreme legislative body.

There is a problem with the parliamentary "chatterers" distributing interview and flashing on all TV channels. On public debate at them a lot of time leaves that forces on lawmaking practically doesn't remain. So, regionalka Inna Bogoslovskaya and Anna Hermann submitted already eight projects for two, Andrey Portnov - 5, Anatoly Gritsenko - 3, and Igor Kril - 2. And so it would be desirable that their words didn't disperse from business!


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