Garkusha was defined with 1 - by m the deputy – Mikhail Tulsky becomes him?

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It seems, the position 1-го the deputy governor of the Nikolaev area will soon stop being the vacant. After Svetlana Karpy's tragic death in May of this year Alexey Garkusha couldn't decide on the candidate of the first deputy in any way, as it isn't surprising - S. Karpy was the professional of the highest class.

In a lobby said that five, however any of applicants apply for a position of the first vice-the governor for various reasons Alexey Nikolaevich doesn't arrange.

And today, on July 24, during the holiday in the city hall in honor of Day of workers of trade on behalf of the regional state administration and at the request of the governor of workers of trade Mikhail Tulsky congratulated.

As it was represented by leaders of a holiday, "Mikhail Ivanovich Tulsky, at the request of the governor", - without position. Most likely, he also becomes Alexey Garkusha's new first deputy.

We will remind that Mikhail Tulsky already worked as the First Deputy governor Alexey Garkusha in the period of the first coming Alexey Nikolaevich for this post. But in 2003 Mikhail Tulsky left this position to become the first secretary of Embassy of Ukraine, the only foreign diplomat in Samara who worked some years at a constant basis as the deputy head Torgovo - economic mission of Ukraine in the Volga federal district.

As wrote about it "The Samara information portal", "the Russian citizen of Ukraine", especially emphasizing that Mikhail Tulsky in Russia - in the Moscow region was born.


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