The archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky Pitirim is concerned by the honors done to Varfolomey the First

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Today to Kiev from Istanbul there arrived the universal patriarch Varfolomey the First. At a ladder of the plane it was met by the president of Ukraine V. Yushchenko.

Its arrival to Ukraine in connection with celebrations on the occasion of 1020 - the anniversaries of the Christianization of Kievan Rus' with alarm is perceived by local fathers of initial Orthodoxy of the Moscow patriarchy.

Honors at the highest state level were done to the guest.

At the airport the president and the patriarch exchanged greetings in the presence of the head of UPTs of the Moscow patriarchy of Vladimir, the high-ranking government officials, certain members of the Ukrainian parliament, ambassadors of Turkey and Greece.

Similar state honors were surprising of certain foreign diplomats and representatives of UPTs MT. They consider that similar ceremonial, probably, was pertinent during visit to Kiev of the Pope which, except the highest dignity of Catholic church in the world, is burdened also with government Vatican.

And to meet Varfolomey the First on the Ukrainian earth, in their opinion, the head of the Ukrainian MT orthodox church Vladimir which why - that appeared in group with officials and politicians in a distance has to.

The matter is that the Moscow orthodox patriarchy headed by the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy the Second is today much more large-scale both on territories, and by number of parishioners Orthodoxy branch, than the universal orthodox church which influence extends on small orthodox communities in Greece, Israel, Turkey and some other states. Boycott of celebration 1020 - the anniversaries of the Christianization of Kievan Rus' in Ukraine the Cyprian orthodox church, etc. to that an example.

But the main thing that disturbs spiritual leaders of initial Orthodoxy, - probability of recognition by the patriarch Varfolomey the Second of the Ukrainian local orthodox church led by Philaret initial about what the president V. Yushchenko is baked.

This alarm shares both the archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky Pitirim. He told about it in conversation with our correspondent. Varfolomey's similar step will bring intensity between Moscow and Constantinople orthodox патриархатами and can lead to opposition escalation between orthodox believers in Ukraine, the Lord considers.

He is also surprised that the Ukrainian state actively interferes with especially church spheres, trying to impose the view of orthodox life in the country.

The lord Pitirim considers that participation in celebration 1020 - the anniversaries of the Christianization of Kievan Rus' of local orthodox Ukrainian communities of the Moscow patriarchy will depend on further acts of the patriarch Varfolomey the Second, in particular, with whom it will rule service in Kiev: with the patriarch Vladimir or Philaret.


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