Garkusha accepted citizens - promised, advised, paid attention, assured …

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Yesterday a press - the service of the Nikolaev regional administration dispatched to all regional mass media a press - release. We print it literally, but we will afford short comments which simply ask for the text.


The power motto - the real help

On July 24 the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha carried out a personal reception of citizens in the Novobugsky district state administration.

The issues touched in the addresses of the population, were different: gasification of a house and rural school, granting motor transport to the disabled person of the Great Patriotic War, payment improving to educators of the area, groundless reduction of a salary to mail carriers, complaint to raiders.

The governor gave a maximum of attention to everyone who came to reception, attentively examined the stated problems. Any visitor didn't remain without the definite reasoned answer from the head of area.

In particular, the pensioner, the disabled person of the Great Patriotic War of the II group Nikolay Chetverik for many years fruitlessly tried to receive the car in an award for the fighting experience. And at last he heard a joyful message that at the request of Alexey Garkusha him will put in turn on deserved motor transport. (A press - the service doesn't report, how many people in turn, and how much time you need to wait for the car - a bus)

It was very useful for members of staff of agricultural enterprise "Gold Field" which experiences attacks of raiders to receive councils of the skilled head concerning an exit from this situation. Alexey Nikolaevich paid special attention to importance of the informative moment in fight for a survival of the agricultural enterprise. The main thing - not to pay attention to provocations and it is good to do the part, he considers. (After such good advice, naturally, "zolotonivets" in a moment will win against mean raiders - a bus).

Svetlana Ginzhul works with the mail carrier in the city New Bug. Unreasonable reduction of a salary in the conditions of preservation of number of working hours of employees of post office compelled to ask for the help the governor it. A little more than 400 hryvnias for hard daily work are, you see, is inadmissible.The head of the regional state administration assured Svetlana Nikolaevna that the situation will be solved according to the legislation and in interests of workers of mail. (Probably, the regional administration won't wait while the parliament will start working, and itself will adopt the necessary legislation in interests of workers of mail - a bus).

The delay with payment improving to educators of the area at all didn't demand long discussion of a situation. Alexey Garkusha charged to heads of profile managements of the regional state administration to check at once distribution of budgetary funds with the purpose to find the necessary sum. (To whom exactly Garkusha charged to find "the necessary sum", before what date - it is unclear - a bus).

The teacher of Novoyuryevsky comprehensive school of the Novobugsky area Elena Zhaliyko came to the governor with a problem which disturbs the majority of inhabitants of the village. Novoyuryevki's school needs gasification. To promote assignment for gas pipeline laying Alexey Nikolaevich appealed to temporarily fulfilling duty of the head of the regional state administration Inna Egorenkova.

(Interesting formulations: I "appealed"... to the subordinate. Why didn't order? And what means "to promote"? Why it isn't told directly: "to allocate funds"? Whether not therefore so everything is flowed round is said, what anybody and isn't raised these funds to allocate? - bus).

Therefore, you knock - and to you will open. Inhabitants of the Novobugsky area were convinced of it.

(On such pathos note the press - release a press - services YEAH comes to an end. There is no doubt that if Garkusha with the same personal receptions and with same "the real help" will visit all other regions of area, all problems of her inhabitants will be solved, - a bus)


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