Accents of week. Patience on - Japanese

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Today already with all evidence it is possible to tell that the ideas sounded by Yulia Timoshenko during the last trip to Nikolaev, and remain unrealized.

It is possible to speak as much as necessary: "To a bypass road in Nikolaev - to be! ", claiming that the Prime minister will execute promised, but from these words business won't move. And the first that it will be almost impossible to make, it to convince Japanese to be reoriented on other object of crediting. So it developed that they not on - are children's attached to the main air gate of the country. Three years ago possibility of construction on Japanese money of the monorail road on a magnetic pillow between Kiev and Borispol was seriously discussed. Then the President Yushchenko, having returned from Tokyo, I charged vice-to the prime minister Kinakh to resolve an issue with the new concept and the master plan of reconstruction and development of "Borispol". Japanese agreed to allocate for this purpose 180 million dollars as disputes for the earth on which there is an airport suddenly began.

Bankers of the country of a rising sun and it worried. As people open and where - that trustful, they took promises of the new power very much to heart that everything will be now on - to another.

On - to another also left. The head of the Ukrainian government suddenly suggested to give the credit of the Nikolaev area for completion of the district road.

Yulia Timoshenko said these words on July 4. It is curious that next day in Kiev the tender final stage on selection of the general contractor for terminal D construction was safely carried out. The Turkish group Dogus/Alarko/YAD appeared them.

Besides, proceeds of credit already started accustoming. According to some statements, 4,5 million dollars are spent for the works connected with design of the terminal.

Japanese make a helpless gesture. The head of Gosaviadministration of Ukraine Alexander Davydov pointing to the existing decision of the Verkhovna Rada concerning expediency of Japanese funds for construction of the terminal understands nothing also.

Not at once I understood Yulia Timoshenko and her political colleague Iosif Vinsky who rather unintelligibly commented on her words told in Nikolaev. Then, however, the minister corrected the position, having agreed with need of arrival to Borispol private investors.I will risk even to assume that him with these investors by then already acquainted.

For the Ukrainian airports serious fight is developed. Scandal in Kharkov, threat in Odessa, an intrigue in Nikolaev, and, at last, fight for Borispol. It is clear that to see the Japanese credit in balance structure nobody wants. As well as to build the bridge in Nikolaev. Very heavy it put for the country, not stopped to build the bridge even in the capital.

And in general, and here Japanese? If with Kiev really want to help Nikolaev, will be able to find and other creditors. There would be a desire …


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