The Nikolaev byutovets told journalists about the budget, the memorandum and soccer

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On Monday I took place a press - conference of deputies of the Nikolaev city council, members of BYuT fraction Sergey Taranenko and Dmitry Prokofiev.

Spoke about the amendments not adopted by the Verkhovna Rada to the state budget, signing of the interfractional memorandum to city council, the negarazdakh with sale of the municipal earth and even about … soccer.

According to Sergey Taranenko, a situation with not adopted amendments to the budget in brief is as follows: the government earned for the country in addition 30 billion hryvnias, and the head of state and parliament everything that this money didn't reach the people made. Expenses on a number of social programs weren't increased. In particular, on payment of savings to investors of Sberbank, increase in a monetary allowance the serviceman, the help with care of the child etc. The Nikolaev area owing to not accepted changes in the budget lost 31 million hryvnias of grants, and all - lost 84,8 million hryvnias.

As Dmitry Prokofiev reported, the interfractional memorandum was signed by all fractions of the Nikolaev city council. According to the deputy, BYuT fraction initially didn't see sense in this memorandum as in it common truths appear, to observe which each people's deputy has to. But byutovets put the signature that them didn't accuse of lack of constructive work. Sergey Taranenko called the memorandum "an oath of the pioneer", declared that "the bumagotvorchestvo never moved progress", but noted that "anything bad in the memorandum isn't written".

Sergey Yuryevich is indignant of the facts of squandering of municipal property for kopeks. According to its data, for one square meter of the municipal property leased, the city receives on the average … 1,87 hryvnias a month. And some firms don't pay for rent of the municipal areas on half a year and more, but responsibility don't bear. Even the penalty fee isn't charged by it. Sergey Taranenko is also sure that it is necessary to impose the moratorium on sale of the state property.

The word in protection of the Sigma — Sports enterprise of which deputies - byutovets are at the helm was in summary told. The deputy of regional council from BYuT fraction Yaroslav Indikov assured journalists that recent events round municipal football club "Nikolaev" have no political background.And "The sigma - sports" stopped financing team only because the firm had financial difficulties.

- It would be absurd to use the football card in political goals, knowing as soccer is expensive to nikolayevets, - the deputy told.


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