The delegation to Kiev as a part of Oboronk and 499 more people was headed by Garkusha

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On July 26 the delegation from the Nikolaev area as a part of 500 people participated in festive events on the occasion of 1020 - the anniversaries of a baptism of Kievan Rus' on Sofiyevskaya Square in Kiev. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional administration.

Still a press - the service reports that the chairman of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha headed delegation, and also there was an acting vice-chairman - the chief of staff of the regional state administration Dmitry Oboronko.

Besides, informs a press - service, representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchy, the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Christians of other faiths and a number of public organizations were a part of delegation.

That's all that with pride reports a press - service - a pier, take a look at our sort: whole five hundred people, so to speak, in a uniform rush, on a wave of the highest spirituality - to Kiev!

But there are in it "spiritual round" questions which for simple nikolayevets it is much more important than "high spiritual rushes". We won't ask why it suddenly the whole 500 people decided to go to Kiev? Who solved? More precisely - who ordered? Garkusha? Or baloginsky secretariat of the President? And why 500, instead of hundred or one thousand?

We won't ask as well about why a press - service, reporting about members of the delegation, the first calls representatives of UPTs KP - if in Kiev their lord Philaret on celebrations simply didn't let? Who in that case decided this flock to carry from Nikolaev? Garkusha? Балога? Or perhaps Oboronko?.

It we don't ask anything. And us another interests: how many it costed and where took money? If it is money of sponsors - then report their noble names. And if it is taxpayers money - that is our, dear readers - then explain, from what articles of the budget they are allocated. It a press - Garkusha's service doesn't stammer at anything at all.

Let's count: 500 people - the whole train! - go to Kiev. If they go by train, so is considered: ticket cost in a compartment on one soul - about 100 UAH. (And thought that Garkusha would carry a spiritual landing in a reserved seat - and in a nightmare won't dream.But even if Garkusha would decide on such for economy, that, there is no doubt, Oboronko would interfere and wouldn't allow such wildness). So: 100 UAH. X 500 = 50 000 UAH. To bring back - 50 thousand more. We will add a dinner in the capital for the chosen brotherhood, in a word - travelers (and what spiritual person respecting will go to Kiev without board! ) - at least, 50 thousand more UAH will turn out. Total - 150 thousand.

If went by buses, the cost of such journey is quite comparable to the cost of railway travel.

We will ponder: 150 thousand! From where money? Where took? From whom took away? To whom gave short?

Who will answer? Press - service? Garkusha? Or, maybe, Oboronko?.


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