The Nikolaev seaport becomes even stronger, because reorganization of ports – the state sea policy

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Sea transport - a key branch of the Ukrainian economy. Our power has more than one and a half thousand kilometers of extent of sea borders. Stable and effective functioning of port branch - a necessary condition of providing economic security of Ukraine.

The Nikolaev sea region - traditionally saturated water area of Ukraine, and the state enterprise the Nikolaev sea trade port successfully is included in the five of the largest ports of the country.

This assessment is connected not only with present record volumes of processed freights, but also with huge prospect and technical capabilities of the enterprise.

"Today in Ukraine there are all necessary starting conditions for formation of modern system of transport communications which would conform to the European standards: the sufficient level of development of equipment and the technologies, favorable geographical characteristics, qualified personnel existence, interest of foreign investors" - are told by the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of board of the Ministry of transport and communication Gennady Zadyrko.

"Along with it, there are also serious problems in our branch, - the deputy emphasizes. - It is need of technical re-equipment of the enterprises, organizational and structural changes. And the main thing - difficulties in formation of the new management, capable to conduct competitive activity in the conditions of the world market".

Management of the Nikolaev sea trade port can be a positive example of effective modern management. In the conditions of the rigid economic competition, it is in the presence state adjustable tariffs for all services of primary activity, this enterprise day after day achieves unknown results.

In May of this year the port reached the record volume of cargo handling - more than one million tone was overloaded on NMTP moorings. Such volume of freights in one month it wasn't processed by the Nikolaev sea trade port for all the 146 - summer history.Besides, for the first half of the year 2008 by dockers it is processed freights one and a half times bigger, than for the similar period of last year. In 2002-2003 the labor collective could master such volume only within 12 months.

All this occurred thanks to the advanced methods of work which are introduced in Nikolaevsk to port. The coordinated work of the labor collective, the weighed modern approach to realization of investment policy, and also successfully carried out reforming of a control system and methods of economic activity - here the main components of a general victory.

Today in the Nikolaev water area, near the state enterprises "Sea Trade Port" and "Dnepro — Bugsky Trade Port", is, increasing the capacities, a number of private terminals for transfer of loose freights, grain and mineral fertilizers. All these enterprises, both state, and non-state, carry out transfer of actually same freights. And, as a result, are in conditions of the rigid internal regional competition.

It became a barrier in development of public sector of seaports in Nikolaevsk the region. I ripened need of implementation of actions which would provide further development of sea branch in Nikolaev.

The problem of ensuring appeal and competitiveness of the state port branch and increase of efficiency of the state seaports of the Nikolaev area found the timely solution. With active support of People's Deputies of Ukraine Gennadiya Zadyrko and Roman Zabzalyuk the project of reorganization of the public port sector was developed. According to this project, in particular, Dnepro - the Bugsky trade port becomes structural division of seaport.

In July the initiative of Mintranssvyaz found support in the Cabinet.

"It will help to increase competitiveness of the state ports Nikolaeva, to provide rational use of warehouse and moorings. This decision optimizes technology of cargo handling and allows to use vessels of port fleet more effectively. This step the state increases investment appeal of the joint port, creates conditions for even bigger increase in volumes of cargo handlings. The enterprise has an opportunity to support at high level a social package of the workers", - Gennady Zadyrko told.

Need of implementation of the international obligations of Ukraine for the sphere of safety of navigation forced the state to consider attentively a question of uncertainty of responsibility in the water area of the Nikolaev region. Now function of the state supervision of safety of navigation in this zone is assigned to inspection of the Nikolaev sea trade port.

Association of ports not only creates conditions for increase in volumes of cargo handling, but also opens additional workplaces. Implementation of the project doesn't involve additional expenses neither from state, nor from local budgets. Its real embodiment becomes practical realization of policy of the Cabinet which is aimed at providing appeal and competitiveness of the state branch of economy.

The Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky says that this stage doesn't become the last step to reorganization of the marine sector of the Nikolaev economy. The state specialseaport "Oktyabrsk" existing in the same water area which has reloading potential to six and a half million tons per year, last year passed only 2,7 million tons. It, unfortunately, not the best example of managing.

"Ukraine, being in the center of Europe, has unique transit opportunities. It is obvious that the future of the Nikolaev region is connected with shipping. Strategic problem of the near future is development of Ochakovo, as large seaport. Today the increase in goods turnover of Ochakov port constrains lack of railway communication. The state which has no financial opportunity for development of ports, plans to create conditions for attraction of investments into construction of a branch line and port infrastructure. It will give a serious impetus to development and Ochakovo and all Nikolaev region", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine Gennady Zadyrko considers.


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