Till September first for nikolayevets the water treatment station directly will start working at the street

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Recently the attention of everything who happens to happen on crossing of streets Garden and Sevastopol, attracts new "a construction miracle" which "blossomed" directly in the middle of a lawn, on a grass, between road strips on Sadovaya St.

Meanwhile the new system is a metal skeleton with the metal box standing nearby. When correspondents of "News of N" into place left, some workers there worked.

- It is the minitreatment plant, - the deputy of city council Victor Burov explains. - To me as to the chairman of the constant deputy commission on questions zhilishchno - municipal services and city improvement, the mayor charged that I checked creation in Nikolaev of object on water purification. This project is carried out within implementation of the Program of the Cabinet which provides that citizens were provided with normal drinking water. Water has to give, instead of select life.

According to - on Burov, activity of this station "will differ polarly" from other similar objects - at least that water will be cleared in the face of the client.

Also the client will be able to receive the cleared water in own ware or capacity (that, as a rule, isn't allowed at other similar stations).

However, for the cleared water as we managed to find out, to people everything is it is necessary to spread any small sum. But Victor Burov assures that the payment will be much less, than on other water treatment constructions.

The water treatment station, according to Victor Burov's forecasts, will be able already to begin the work at the end of August. It will be able to clear to ten tons of water a day...

Creation of water treatment station in Nikolaev is, undoubtedly, the necessary and important action which the davny needed to undertake still - long ago. Especially, if to consider far not a favorable ecological situation in Nikolaev and the best condition of water in reservoirs which stopped being for a long time the drinking is far not.

But, on old dobra (though it would be more logical to tell - angry) to the Nikolaev tradition if there is any one box, near it by all means there is also some other (barchik, small restaurants, "popolnyashka" and so forth). As though it didn't turn out and this time. If this construction grows" a train of other institutions, it is necessary to say goodbye to a green zone (on which, actually, this station and is built).


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