The supreme council of justice dug out on "regional" a compromising evidence

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The supreme council of justice has documents which allegedly testify to abuse of official position of the member EVERYTHING, the deputy Valery Bondyk.

To check some facts of its activity in ALL judges of the Supreme Court appealed, writes "The businessman - Ukraine".

From the Supreme Court in ALL documents for internal check concerning the member EVERYTHING, the deputy head of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning justice Valery Bondyk (Party of Regions) regarding an abuse of authority of the member ALL arrived.

"While an inspection isn't carried out because now all on holiday, but such papers really are", - the member confirmed to the newspaper EVERYTHING, the head of committee of justice questions Sergey Kivalov (Party of Regions).

Bondyk's conflict to judges of the Supreme Court originates in 2007 when the Korrespondent magazine published the article "National Freeloaders", having told that a number of People's Deputies, including Bondyk, free apartments received.

The deputy declared that didn't receive neither the free apartment, nor compensation for it, and gave on the magazine to Pechersky regional court of Kiev which satisfied its claim.

Subsequently the Appellate court of Kiev cancelled this decision. When business reached the Supreme Court, that refused to accept the claim to consideration.

"Then Bondyk was indignant and as the member EVERYTHING, at once requested from these judges of the Supreme Court of the declaration on the income and the declaration on vehicles. But the member ALL has no right to be guided by emotions, he had no right to demand from them such documents", - Kivalov told.

After that 5-ро judges of the Supreme Court - what at first refused to accept Valery Bondyk's claim to consideration, and received subsequently from it the letter with the requirement to provide declarations, - appealed in ALL to carry out an inspection.

"While it is difficult to tell, than all this will end, it is necessary to study details, but those materials which I saw, testify that, violation, though insignificant, is", - Kivalov told the edition.

According to regulations EVERYTHING if there is information on violation by the member of council of the oath, verification or lack of bases for the termination of its powers and dismissal is carried out.The relevant decision goes to the body which has appointed the member ALL.

Bondyk was appointed the member ALL on a quota of the Verkhovna Rada in March, 2007, the oath of the member ALL took at plenary session of Rada in April, 2007.

In 2008 the Constitutional Court decided that the body which has appointed it can stop powers of the member ALL in case of violation of the oath by it, and "granting to this body by the Supreme council of justice of an assessment of such facts and the decision on existence of bases for the termination of powers by the specified law isn't provided".

That is a conclusion about, whether Bondyk violated the oath, will make profile committee BP, and the final decision remains behind parliament.

Kivalov told: "I asked (Bondyk) it: for what you made it. And he speaks: in Arbitration chamber judges of the Supreme Court worked, and they had no right to consider case, being judges of the Supreme Court. He says that already revealed violation and wanted and to look at these judges at the additional income".

Other member declared ALL: "Besides that it, being the interested person, I started this check, so it also began it self-willedally, without the corresponding order of head ALL. We will surely deal with it at ourselves inside".


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