Route Nikolaev - Kiev about which our governor, again пестреет potholes

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The governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Kruglov on one of the press - conferences noted that the route Nikolaev - Odessa made in the best possible way - in three layers. And the top layer - special - on the sun doesn't melt, from heavy trucks folds doesn't shrivel. Even specially trained Nikolay Petrovich sent the driver to check a state the road. That remained in admiration: "As if you don't go, and you stand still! " - the driver reported.

And here concerning the route Nikolaev - Kiev Nikolay Kruglov was more modest in statements. Made, not so, of course, as Odesskaya Route, but nevertheless. And God with it.

And here correspondent "Nova" (too specially trained) I took and I went by car from Kiev to Evpatoria and on the Nikolaev roads I passed - I reached half-dead and gathered by militia. On the route Kiev - the Crimea about ten sites which call blood clots of a road artery. Nightmares for transit drivers. And you won't go round them. It also is the road to a world famous health resort the Crimea. Road of Life …

So, we on the well-known route Kiev - Odessa - domestic Ukravtodor's pride, that highway to which the late minister Kirpa, speak, I enclosed a half of the annual budget of the country, more precisely, I rolled up together with asphalt. To such itself Ukrainian autobahn. Stop! Or perhaps it not that road? Unless on the autobahn can be ухабины depth in half-wheels? Unless on the autobahn wheel caps and how UFOs, go to autonomous flight come off? Unless on the autobahn the people expecting the bus, will begin to hide behind the painted any words parking because filling brick from - under wheels of rushing trucks shoots how a bullet, and by the sea it is possible to reach a pearl without an eye? I first thought that they from the sun hide, and looked narrowly - not carcasses - they from stones turn aside …

Such cities as Pervomaisk, on the route Kiev - the Crimea about ten will be gained. These are blood clots of a road artery. Nightmares for transit drivers. And you won't go round them.

So, the center of Pervomaisk - close, bumpy, with a heap of intersections and the transitions stuck where попадя. Through it there is all stream of cars on the Crimea. We don't forget that outside August and this stream is inexhaustible.Before me the crosswalk with the push-button traffic light. Nearby the market where the grandmother, red as those crayfish that she sells, can't disperse from the buyer - there is no trifle for delivery. Then she decides to run across the road to the friend shouting at all center "Fresh fish! ", and to get hold of a trifle. Attention! From - for handfuls for certain caught already dead crayfish all car traffic on the peninsula of Crimea will at once be paralyzed. Thousands of cars from Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Baltic, matter of course, stop waiting, to leave enormous number of tourists who go in our treasury the rubles, euro, dollars, hryvnia, stopped and wait when the grandma - the mukhlevshchitsa гривню will exchange. And after all such transition not one, and such grandmother not one.

And drivers continue to pay huge penalties, road collecting, truckers pay for entrance to area. And in a result all also is under repair by the national principle, "ABBA було".

As Ilf and Petrov used to say:

- And the payment is for what purpose raised? !
- For the purpose of failure repair. That not too I failed!


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