The militia claims that the detainee beat himself about a wall

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Office investigation didn't elicit the facts of illegal actions of employees of "Golden eagle" concerning the detained citizen in Feodosiya.

About it reports E - the Crimea with reference to department of public relations of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Crimea.

Earlier the family Malyarchuk from Feodosiya appealed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Office of Public Prosecutor to investigate the fact of beating of their children the staff of militia special forces "Golden eagle".

According to parents, them 19 - the summer son Igor and 25 - the summer daughter Uliana in the night of July 25 had a rest together with two friends in feodosiysky night club "Water world".

From - for arisen dispute with the waitress the company asked to call the administrator of club, but that brought fighters of "Golden eagle" who as the family Malyarchuk claims, without penetrating into a conflict essence, started beating their son.

After that Igor Malyarchuk delivered in police station where, according to his parents, beating proceeded. His sister, tried to protect the brother, also got concussion of a brain, a hematoma and a graze.

Symptoms of a fracture of the left temporal bone were diagnosed for the guy, is spoken in the message.

In turn in militia claim that employees of "Golden eagle" patrolled the city when the director of night club addressed to them with the message that one of visitors misbehaves, offends the personnel, unjustly sticks to other vacationers.

"Employees of "Golden eagle" came into club and made the guy the remark. That continued illegal actions. Then militiamen suggested the guy to pass to an exit from club for explanatory conversation and offense documenting, but that refused", - is spoken in the message.

In militia claim that the guy offended police officers in shape, swung hands, tried to strike a facer to one of employees of "Golden eagle" then the visitor, having unexpectedly attacked the militiaman, brought down it from feet.

Employees of "Golden eagle" were compelled to apply measures of physical impact and handcuffs. At this time the sister of the guy tried to prevent militiamen in detention of the brother, it is noted in the message.

"In Feodosiysky city department of militia the detainee continued to behave provocatively, offended militiamen, threatened them with influential relatives and office punishment", - is spoken in the message. Thus he "purposely was up against a blank wall".

Considering such behavior, the employee of "Golden eagle" put detained on a floor the person down not to allow the offender to continue to cause itself injuries.


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