The database of the Ukrainian national system of certification of UKRSEPRO is destroyed

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The electronic database of certification of "UKRSEPRO" is destroyed, the first deputy director general of the state enterprise "Ukrainian Scientifically — Research and Training Center of Problems of Standardization, Certification and Quality" (УкрНИУЦ) Sergey Dorotich told to journalists.

According to the head of legal department of state enterprise Bogdan Lavrenyuk, on Wednesday, August 11, the commission headed by the acting as the general director of UKRNIUTS by Vladimir Stuley in the presence of the head Gospotrebstandart of Oleg Povolotsky (dismissed by the government resolution on the same day) opened the server room in which there was the main server of system of certification of "UKRSEPRO" then unknown people worked with the equipment.

"Strangers came at 11 o'clock. In the presence of O. Povolotsky blocked a floor, discharged employees. After that unknown opened a door server by means of the Bulgarian, scrap, performed any operations with the server, connected to it the equipment, disconnected components. By the evening the room was sealed by the press No. 3. All employees sent home. For the morning the same room was sealed by a signet No. 4. That did with the equipment at night - it isn't known, but next day the server didn't function any more", - the chief of sector of providing with forms of the strict reporting noted "UKRSEPRO" which were present at events.

Thus he emphasized, as V. Stulya, heading the commission, and the deputy general director on the legal questions "UKRSEPRO" Yury Radchenko participating in opening server, were appointed to the positions by Gospotrebstandart's guide on the eve of events.

"Us don't let to the center building. But yesterday I talked to the security service specialist of Ukraine who makes investigation. He told me that the database of UKRSEPRO is physically destroyed", - the first deputy director general of "UKRNIUTS" S. Dorotich told.

Thus he specified that information on all certificates of quality issued on all types of production throughout last years was stored in base.

"Now it is impossible to check on the basis of what this or that certificate was issued, whether it is valid. It any more without saying to that information represented a trade secret", - the first deputy director general of the center emphasized.

According to S. Dorotich, since August 13 Gospotrebstandart entered a new order of issue of certificates of conformity of quality at which documents are given by regional offices without fixing in an electronic database.

It wasn't succeeded to receive Gospotrebstandart's comment on this matter yet as the phone calls didn't answer both in a press - service, and on "the hot line" committee.

As it was reported, the Cabinet of Ukraine exempted on August 11 from duties of the head of the State committee on questions of technical regulation and consumer policy (Gospotrebstandart) of Oleg Povolotsky. O. Povolotsky headed Gospotrebstandart since the end of March of the current year.

"UKRNIUTS" carries out maintaining the register of the Ukrainian national system of certification of UKRSEPRO.


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