The Kherson militiamen consider that the Nikolaev fans beaten by them didn't suffer

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The center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson area declared the official position concerning collision between fans of nikoalevsky football club IFC "Nikolaev" and police officers in Nova Kakhovke.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that how in the field there was a skirmish between football players of teams from - for dishonest game and the engaged refereeing from novokakhovets, staff of Novokakhovsky city department of militia that is forces beat the Nikolaev fans, novokakhovets freely reached a tribune on which nikolayevets settled down, entered a fight and threw make-shifts into fans of away team.

"on August 14 during carrying out a football match between teams of. New Kakhovka and Nikolaev between fans there was a collision, - reports the Kherson TsOS. - The first representatives the fan - club of the Nikolaev team started disturbing public peace: it seemed to them that the judge condemns their players".

Nevertheless, unskilled (or prejudiced? ) refereeingA. Pavlinovaspoiled the atmosphere of a football holiday in Nova Kakhovke that affected result of a match, and led to bloodshed on tribunes. It is undoubted that - for an assessment of quality of work of arbitrators - it is useful to send video of this match to Kiev, - the known experts who were present on a matchconsiderAnatoly Zayaev and Valery of Cheeses. Honourable presidentIFC "Nikolaev" Anatoly ValeevI confirmed that video of a match will be directed to a commission of experts of Federation of soccer of Ukraine. And according to the Nikolaev fans, the novokakhovsky fans who were present on tribunes, the first started throwing into nikolayevets of a bottle with water, took off shorts and underwear and behaved extremely provocatively. Even after the Nikolaev fans turned on this attention of militiamen, from militia measures for an utikhomirivaniye of fellow countrymen - brawlers weren't taken.

"Fans started being expressed obscenely to judges and players of other team. Fans of the team of. New Kakhovka began to protect the players. Between fans there was a fight which the same instant was stopped by the staff of Novokakhovsky department of militia.That day the public order on a match was provided by 35 militiamen. Exactly thanks to their correct and harmonious actions it was succeeded to prevent serious offenses", - considers a press - service Department of Internal Affairs of the Kherson area.

We will remind that as a result "the correct and harmonious actions" police officers, the Nikolaev fans went home with the beaten-out teeth, cracks in edges, cherepno - brain injuries, hematomas and grazes. According to fans, them mercilessly beat at first in the field, and then and in regional department - some militiamen in office brought on hands because hackneyed fans couldn't go. "There us laid the person in asphalt, four militiamen simply jumped on the heads, shouted "Who me struck? ", "Who pushed me? ", "We now will let out dogs! " also continued to kick", - the Nikolaev fan tells.

Further in the message of TsOSA 44 fans of the Nikolaev team are told "were are delivered in militia city department. Concerning 5 people administrative reports for small hooliganism are made and penalties are collected. None of visitors of a match and fans didn't suffer". Though to write "I wasn't lost" more pertinently, instead of "I didn't suffer". We will remind that relatives of five detainees, according to one of fans, brought next day money in the sum of 700 UAH which were transferred the police officer "to soften a sentence". In total without exception the Nikolaev fans, under the threat of physical pressure, according to them, wrote receipts that to police officers of claims have no.


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