The correspondent called the TOP of-100 most influential people of Ukraine: Yanukovych - the first, Yushchenko - the 100-th

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Today, on August 19, the Correspondent magazine within the TOP annual project-100 told the names of 100 most influential people of Ukraine. On the first line in a rating journalists of the weekly put the President Victor Yanukovych.

Politicians, businessmen, cultural figures and athletes entered the TOP-100. By rating preparation journalists of edition considered opinions of 16 experts in different areas.

TOP-100 these years - attempt to help readers of the magazine to estimate influence of individuals in the conditions of a new stage in the history of Ukraine when actually all power in the country is in hands of one political force.

Making the choice, edition considered popularity of politicians and extent of their influence on state life, scales of the operated companies and lobbist opportunities for businessmen, and also mass character of admirers - for cultural figures and athletes. Thus, a rating the TOP-100 - a choice of editorial office of the magazine, based on opinions of experts.

Victor Yanukovych, won first place in a rating the TOP-100 these years, not the beginner on this position: in 2007 - m he already headed the listCorrespondent. However then two years in a row the prime minister - to the minister Yulia Timoshenko conceded the first place to the leader of BYuT and then.

Positions of the first number in the list of the most influential Ukrainians of this year are very strong: long-term war between the President, Cabinet of Ministers and parliament with Yanukovych's election as the head of state is complete.

As the edition, the rigid vertical built by it in only a few months, and also rather high rating both Yanukovych, and his Party of Regions writes, don't leave, apparently, opposition of chances. It seems that this political force came to the power seriously and for a long time.

However analysts are convinced that a similar state of affairs temporary, after all the present power it is impossible to call the team, capable to update the country reforms. And methods by means of which a present top - management of Ukraine tries to bring the country out of crisis, receive ambiguous estimates and are as a result capable to pull Yanukovych's rating down.

The second place in the TOP is taken-100 third year in a row by the Donetsk businessmanRinat Akhmetov, the owner of the largest in Eastern Europe fortunes in $17,8 billion. Its position is caused by powerful influence on state economy, a major role in the party in power, and also active participation in sports life of the country.

The third place in the list was taken by the Chief of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, his adherent and the political partner, besides - one of the most influential people in Party of RegionsSergey Levochkin. Close the first five the prime minister - the minister of UkraineMykola Azarovand the first vice-the prime ministerAndrey Klyuev. Substantially Yanukovych's political future depends on their activity: the country responds to each miscalculation of Cabinet of Ministers with falling of a rating of the President.

Among other things, Klyuev, the owner of a fortune in $100 million, - one of typical representatives new a top - the management of Ukraine which has put the fat end to dispute, whether it is necessary to separate the power from business.

At the same time ex-the prime minister - the ministerYulia TimoshenkoI took the tenth place, and ex-the presidentVictor YushchenkoI settled down on the last (No. 100) to a line in a rating.

Number of August 20 is already the eighth rating of 100 most influential people of Ukraine, published by the magazineCorrespondent. In 2003 - m and 2004 the list was headed by Leonid Kuchma, in 2005 - m - Victor Yushchenko, in 2006 - m - Rinat Akhmetov, in 2007 - m - his colleague on party Victor Yanukovych, and two last years - Yulia Timoshenko.

Interesting facts:

First sixrating the TOP-100 was occupied by representatives of one ruling party. Such still never was. It testifies to a full dominant of Party of Regions.

32the person in the list - from one party, Party of Regions. It is an absolute record for all history of carrying out a rating: never before one party didn't delegate-100 so powerful representation to the TOP.

A year ago in the TOP of-100 most influential Ukrainians there were ten regionals, in 2008 - m - 11 representatives of this party, in 2007 - m - 17 people with the party membership card of Oppozitsionny BYuT Ave. collected in the TOP of-100 only 11 people and that three from them already joined ruling coalition.

44the person - beginners of a rating. It is one more record. Never in the TOP list-100 there were so many new faces. In 2007 - 27 new members the TOP-100 were m. In 2008 - m - 30.In 2009 - m - 31 persons.

42the person in the list of the most influential people of Ukraine at the same time enter a rating of the CorrespondentGold one hundred- 100 richest Ukrainians. Total "purse" of these rich men ($49,9 billion) is equal to the annual budget of Ukraine.

27participants of a rating work in executive power, that is list more than a quarter. Among them the President of Ukraine, the prime minister - the minister, vice-prime ministers and heads of all power departments and ministers of the Cabinet.

20the person in a rating represent legislature.12People's Deputies of Ukraine from the TOP present list-100 - participants of the pro-presidential coalition, the others are in formal opposition. In total in the list of the most influential 17 people in opposition to the power. That is, practically every sixth participant of a rating.

Only13the person in a rating the TOP-100 proved out of policy and business. Four of them religious figures. In a rating on two representatives from journalism, music, film production and three - from sports.

50years - average age of participants of a rating. Seven most influential people in the country - women,93- men.


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