To rise! The trial of Russian goes...

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Donetsk court - the most objective court in the world. It seems that local Themis applies for such honourable formulation, after all how differently to explain...
... opposite decisions on political sense at first about Stepan Bandera's deprivation of a rank "the Hero of Ukraine", and then about cancellation of the resolution of regional council concerning Russian development in the region?

On May 18, 2006 at the first session of Donetsk regional councilVconvocation the decision "Was made on creation of conditions for Russian development in Donetsk region". It would seem, what here seditious? The local government chosen a territorial community, carries out will of this community and own election pledges, having decided something to make for development let not state, but all - language in which the majority of inhabitants of Donbass talks.

But some days later this initiative was appealed, and trial on administrative business lasted, neither more nor less, three years and ten months. In January 2010-го, exactly between the first and the second rounds of presidential election, the Voroshilovsky district court of the city of Donetsk recognized the regional council resolution illegal and invalid. This verdict was appealed, however the other day the Donetsk appellate administrative court rejected this complaint, having recognized right strong the decision made by regional court …

What is it? the New word in Russian oppression in Ukraine? Justice celebration? Banal judicial mistake? What consequences of this decision will be? The competent people interrogated by the correspondent of From-UA tried to understand all this.

For example, the known defender of Russian, нардеп - the regionalVadim Kolesnichenkoof Donetsk Themis's verdict of the tragedy at all doesn't do.

"This decision has purely procedural character and has no relation in fact to the solution of a question of Donetsk regional council. I didn't read it, but I can assume that Donetsk council really was beyond and declared Russian regional", - the deputy noted.

Kolesnichenko declared that to give to language the status regional is a prerogative state, instead of local government.And soon, he promised, the law on languages which officially 14 languages of ethnic minorities of Ukraine will receive the necessary legal status according to the European Charter of regional languages ratified by the state will be adopted.

"If the regional council made the decision that one of the most widespread languages in their territory, according to the adopted law of Ukraine, is Russian, and allocated money for development of the program of one of regional languages, there would be no bases for cancellation. It is a question of technical mistakes by preparation of similar decisions by different regional and city councils", - the regional noted.

Formal I designated a judgment and the political opponent Kolesnichenko from the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" blockOles Dony.

"For three years regional and city councils make decisions about additional financing of programs of development of Russian. And it is real in the South and the East of Ukraine there is a process of replacement of Ukrainian", - at the same time he told.

The Tonian Period considers that in a language question the main thing is not decision of the courts, and a system state policy on Ukrainian promoting.

"If there is no reasonable support in Ukrainian studying, the anti-Ukrainian promotion which is now, will nullify all attempts of a small small group of enthusiasts", - he emphasized.

"Such decision was made because procedure of acceptance by executive committee of such decision was broken. And as it is a question of procedure, the court didn't begin to penetrate into substantial part of a problem. Therefore the decision won't have basic value", - the communistconsidersGeorgy Kryuchkov.

He, as well as the regional Kolesnichenko, notes that adoption of the new law on languages will allow to solve this problem within the existing Constitution.

And the problem should be solved. "We want or we don't want, it is necessary to be considered as that Russian is native or on it more than a half of the population of Ukraine constantly talks that Russian is language of international, interpersonal communication in Ukraine that it is official language in the UN, UNESCO. It is necessary to be considered as that in Ukraine actually there was a bilingualism. It is a powerful factor of association of all Ukrainian people, all nationalities", - I declared Hooks.

Procedural character of a judicial verdict is noted also by the popular Ukrainian writerDmitry Kapranov.And, in his opinion, anything good in such judgment isn't present. "It actually not the decision, and refusal of court to make the decision on this subject", - he is sure.

Kaprons believes that the Donetsk regional council should be engaged also in support of languages of other ethnic minorities living in the region, - not only Russian.

"If the local government really cared of languages of national minorities, instead of was engaged in political declarations concerning Russian, it would sit down and thought that it is necessary to make in order that there was a support of all language palette. Then it would be possible to speak seriously on this subject. And a similar position that only Russian has to develop, and all the others aren't present, or that only Russian has to be financed from the budget, and all the others aren't present, it is simple politicization and irresponsibility of people", - the writer declared.

It is precedent. So the political strategistconsidersDenis Bogush.

"I think that it can affect, but is insignificant, on promises of Party of Regions because PR within the previous seven years promised to make Russian the second state", - he reminds.

"But this promise doesn't correspond to the Constitution of Ukraine. And if already Donetsk court makes such decision, I think that voters of Party of Regions need to reflect strongly, whether this promise is correct and whether it is necessary to introduce it", - the political strategist declared.

Bogush doubts as possibility of PR to find for such changes of 300 voices in a sessional hall of parliament, and in expediency of a similar invention.

It is expedient not to separate, and to unite the Ukrainian people, and to put the end to a language question. On such reflections the Donetsk situation of the extra fractional People's DeputypushedGennadiya Zadyrko.

"I worked long time in Donetsk. In 2007 I was on the action devoted to anniversary of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. And I saw young people who held a hand at heart and sang the Ukrainian anthem", - it shared memoirs.

"It seems to me that it would be time already to stop manipulating language problems. Politicians should understand that it is necessary to put ends in any questions and not to lift them more. It is necessary to stop speculation because on - to other you won't call it. I hope that the today's power will stop this speculation. It is necessary to look for any things uniting us, instead of dividing", - Zadyrko noted.

Unanimity of experts doesn't leave doubts:the decision of Donetsk court was procedural and any political value in style "persecutions into Russian" doesn't bear. However it doesn't mean that the language problem doesn't exist. And while the legislative base of the state doesn't embody expectations of considerable part of his citizens, the subject of the Ukrainian and Russian languages with an enviable regularity will be exaggerated in the press, to excite minds of deputies and politicians of different levels and to provoke all new judicial proceedings.

Here only who in it is guilty: languages or the politicians not capable or not wishing to understand with a problem instead of on it to speculate? We leave the right to answer this question not to experts, and readers. Probably, much more acute in this question, than all professional policy - politological community.

Andrey Generalov


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