Nikolay Kruglov told that youth is such piece which quickly comes to an end

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Acting on television, the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Nikolay Kruglov stated the point of view concerning change of the tax legislation. For this purpose it provided certain statistical data.

If in 1995 in the Nikolaev area there were 530 thousand hired workers, today their number decreased to 297 thousand. The number of pensioners in 1995 made 327 thousand, and in the first half of the year 2010 - 325 thousand. Thus today there was a situation when the number of pensioners exceeds number of the working.

In 1995 the average salary made 68 UAH, and average pension - 26,8 UAH. Today the average salary grew to 2028 UAH, and average pension - to 1064 UAH. It turns out that the salary increased by 30 times, and pension almost by 40 times. "There is a question - where to take money? " - the governor rhetorically asked.

In 1995 edinonalozhnik paid in the Pension fund on the average 18 UAH that was comparable to pension in 26,8 UAH

At present in area 72 thousand small businessmen are recorded. In the Pension fund they pay a uniform tax on the average 122 UAH that obviously isn't comparable to pension in 1064 UAH. Imposed uniform tax only 300 UAH that is 3,5 times less than average pension.

From this Nikolay Petrovich drew a conclusion that through taxes it is necessary to find the question solution how to support pensioners. Here dialogue is necessary. It is necessary to sit down, agree, consider.

"It is difficult, because each person not to seek to give excess kopek. It is quite natural. It is characteristic for nature of the person", - N. Kruglov emphasized.

Youth is such piece which quickly comes to an end. However it is necessary to think always of the future, I told in conclusion of 59 - the summer governor.


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