The nineteenth anniversary of Independence of Ukraine – without Heroes of Ukraine and People's Deputies. PHOTO REPORT

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Today in Regional palace of culture solemn meeting in honor of the 19th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine took place.

As it was noted by the leader, on action there were Heroes of Ukraine, Heroes of Socialist Work, Heroes of the Soviet Union, veterans of the Second World War, representatives of labor collectives, political parties, public organizations, religious associations, scientists and youth.

But, alas, such Heroes of Ukraine as the general director "Nibulona" Alexey Vadatursky who always visits similar actions, the general director "Vadan Yards Okean" Nikolay Romanchuk, the director it is repair - mechanical plant Yury Bondin journalists "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" didn't notice. Possibly at all at them the problems and to go on similar actions of time isn't present absolutely.

About representatives of parties: during the holiday there were representatives of only one political party - Party of Regions. Any of deputies of opposition forces didn't come to action. For what reason they weren't on action, it isn't known. It is possible to assume that them simply didn't invite, or oppositionists considered unnecessary to be present on an official celebration on the occasion of the Independence Day, organized by the party in power.

We will note that wasn't in a hall and communists unless the deputy head of regional council - the communist Elena Simonenko was noticed only.

Waiting for a miracle... M. Dimitrov, T.Bugayenko, E.Simonenko

It is strange that action was ignored also by all People's Deputies - nikolayevets, and, even deputies regionals. It wasn't noticed in ODK and ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina Alexey Garkusha.

Some guests didn't refuse and попозировать...B. Sorkin, N. Eropunov and V. Rukomanov

Despite it, all places in a hall were filled. On action were present: the governor of Nikolayevshchina, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council, the mayor of Nikolaev, the secretary of the City Council, the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, the prosecutor of the region, the chief of the Nikolaev customs.And here heads of USBU and GNA in the Nikolaev area didn't consider the necessary "will be lit" on celebrations - there can be a work at them such...

The governor Nikolay Kruglov arrived to a meeting before others therefore managed to examine an exhibition which was exhibited at ODK.

To meet the governor the first his deputy V. Rukomanov"ran out"

Mikhail Tulsky tells Nikolay Kruglov that is exhibited at ODKhall

The governor of the Nikolaev area it is lovely поулыбался to the girl in the Ukrainian national suit

I came to look at an exposition also the prosecutor of Nikolayevshchina Nikolay Stoyanov...

... and then, and T.Demchenko

The head of the Nikolaev regional council radiated pleasure...

Tatyana Demchenko very much liked "a folding lodge"...

After communication with the governor, the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area went to speak with the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs...

The mayor of Nikolaev joined the prosecutor and the chief of the Department of Internal Affairsalso

To congratulate gathered in a hall on a holiday, as well as it is accepted, there began the governor who sounded in advance prepared speech.

- Allow me to congratulate all of you, a big family Nikolayevshchiyn, on the Independence Day, a holiday which can't leave us indifferent. Because to feel free - the biggest wealth. It means to have the right adequately to lift the head, to tell the word and to arrive as prompts conscience and honor, - he noted.

Nikolay Kruglov didn't miss opportunity to pay tribute to the political mentor. He emphasized that the president Victor Yanukovych does everything in order that Ukraine prospered, gained the international authority, developed the relations with neighboring states.

In "protocol violation" after Nikolay Kruglov stopped congratulating nikolayevets, the chief of the Nikolaev customs Artur Polyakov who handed over to the governor a distinction of the Public customs service of Ukraine stepped on the stage. Only after it executed the mission, the head of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko stepped on the stage. Possibly, delivery of a memorable sign as any congratulatory words from it it wasn't heard was a main objective of arrival for a holiday of the chief of customs.

Nikolay Kruglov goes down from a scene already "the gentleman of an award of the Public customs service of Ukraine"

- Independence Day it isn't simple a holiday sew the countries. It is a holiday of all our generations which defended our Ukrainian earth in order that it blossomed. Not simple time we lived for these 19 years of independence, - the head of a regional council declared.

VIP-guests had to rise repeatedly from the places when left acting

Witz - to the governor N. Ivantsova V. Chaika's exit was pleasant...

V. Chaika Natalya Ivantsova, seemingly, looked forward to return

Vladimir Chaika remained is happy with itself, though didn't execute "White wings"

Tatyana Demchenko didn't miss opportunity to needle the previous power. She noted that the last five years of the power "pomaranchevykh" with their frank nationalism who saw only dark stains of history of our country when the relations with the neighboring state - Russia were broken off, was succeeded to live hardly. But thanks to God and a choice of Ukrainians, Tatyana Demchenko considers, it everything remained behind.

As it is accepted on similar actions, the governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Kruglov handed over caused a stir diplomas. It wasn't lagged behind also by the head of the Nikolaev regional council Tatyana Demchenko and the mayor Vladimir Chaika. After distribution of diplomas in ODK the gala concert began.

The prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Stoyanov and the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area Mikhail Slepanev who after an official part left a hall didn't stay until the end of action.A bit later, without having wanted to examine a concert, a hall left also the governor of Nikolayevshchina Nikolay Kruglov together with the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika.


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