WHERE THIS STREET WHERE THIS HOUSE, or Idi there, I don't know where …

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Who from us at least time in life didn't turn on any Nikolaev residential district in search of the necessary address? And it is frequent the cause is not confused numbering of buildings, and elementary absence of house indexes.

To me can object, say, on Lenin Avenue and numbering is, and names of streets are written - Komsomol, Dzerzhinsky, Ryumin who doesn't know them? But it is first far not everywhere, and secondly, is in the city and "remote place". Who knows where there is Vostochnaya Street or Tankistov Lane? And Fish, May, Security officers, Lev Tolstoy?.

My native Volny Lane often - densely confuse to Svobodnaya Street. That taxi turns, "ambulance"... And recently I found out that it officially in general... doesn't exist! In reference books and on cards really appears as Free. But about everything one after another...


Here that the driver of "ambulance" tells.

- I since recent time work as the driver at "ambulance", it is necessary to leave to different districts of the city, and there is a regularity, - ALMOST ON ALL CITY ON WALLS of HOUSES there are no NAMES of STREETS, And REGISTRATION PLATES ESPECIALLY!
- But streets - streets, and registration plates? - the driver continues. - Them write on gray or it is dirty - a red background faintly - yellow paint, it is good, if not less than 20-25 cm in size. In the afternoon still which - that manages to be considered, but work after all at us round-the-clock, at night it is simply impossible! Sometimes on search more than 20 minutes leave! That is why carriages of "ambulance" come, to put it mildly, at a distant day.

The chief physician of the Nikolaev station of an emergency medical service Vladimir KRAVCHENKO confirmed existence of a problem, especially concerning such areas as Yalta, Abyssinia, but I specified:

- Drivers know the city, besides, all have a card. If go to the remote areas, ask to meet the car.

In Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area also don't deny existence of such problem, but a way out find.

Find it and taxi drivers - turn on the yards and lanes, and ask all passers - cross where there is this or that house.Whether only exit it?


In "Rules of improvement of a sanitary condition of the territory, ensuring purity and an order in Nikolaev", accepted by deputies 5-го convocation of the Nikolaev City Council, it is written down: "Housing, administrative, selective and public houses have to be equipped with house signs, and housing houses, besides, also indexes of numbers of entrances and apartments". There is more: "information plates (with names of streets - an edition), the memorial plates placed on facades of buildings of housing houses, have to contain in good repair". In summary: "Control of execution of rules is imposed on the officials authorized by the current legislation".

Generally, there are rules, there are people who watch for their executions, but … It isn't provided who has to execute the established rules! Who has to establish the same plates, watch their existence and a state?

As a result, to find plates responsible for installation with names of streets, numbers of houses it was impossible. Staff of housing and communal services Department readdressed us in administration of areas, and those is on Department and ZhEKI.

In КЖЭПе "Prospectus", however, reported that by own efforts recently brought an order with numbering of houses, indexes painted luminescent paint:

- It is such that shines in the dark. We adopted experience of Poltava, there for a long time so do. But for names of streets we aren't responsible, as well as for numbering of buildings, it is simple on the initiative, - explained in КЖЭПе.

In each of fifteen Nikolaev private firms which are engaged in outdoor advertizing, can make such plates, everyone costs an average from 30 to 60 hryvnias. As told in one of the organizations, about five years ago the city even held the tender for production of plates with names of streets, but … someone from Kharkov won it. Everything put and decayed …

The deputy of the mayor concerning housing and communal services Sergey KLIMENKO explained that isn't known to whom such duty was originally assigned. Now in process of receipt of budget money by it housing and communal services Department are engaged. Here only money the last time allocated for mass installation of plates five years ago when the Department yet wasn't.

- Besides this problem in the city there are others, much more important. For example, roads, sidewalks, foot paths, lighting. Especially as the majority of streets in Nikolaev is known by each inhabitant, well and for minor there are cards.Another matter angular buildings and crossings of streets. Here it is really necessary to put plates. Money is whenever possible allocated for it.

As for numbering of buildings, under the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine No. 560 the tariff of a rent provides monthly collecting from inhabitants on the maintenance of registration plates of houses. In Nikolaev this collecting isn't entered as it isn't told, what sum has to be raised from one house or from one inhabitant. Since September we plan to enter this collecting, - the deputy of the mayor explained.


For now court yes business, inhabitants started adapting to absence of indexes. In one of areas made the plate with a pointer, established it on a stick. In shops everyone can buy a map of the city. Whether it is possible to count on it? Question good. No, can print it though every day. And whether introduce amendments? After all in Nikolaev constantly there are new constructions, something, on the contrary, take down. There are also new streets. And card …

As the chief surveyor of Nikolaev Alexey BELONOGOV told, it doesn't exist, there is only a master plan of building of the city. That is about buildings - in the yards, in park zones - our authorities took care, and here about indexes, registration plates - forgot. That from them, these signs, you will take …

By the way, on the Internet - a site "The Cities of Ukraine in Streets and Persons" maps of districts of our city are submitted. Five prospectuses are listed: Lenina, the World, October, Heroes of Stalingrad and the Shipbuilders, all lanes and streets on each area. Here only the Volny Lane which is in the Wide Beam, on a site map I didn't find. Here it appears as Svobodny Lane. On the printing map of Nikolaev - the same. Whether the lane isn't present (but tens people living here), whether really the card - not the card can confirm its existence, and so … Don't trust the eyes.


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