Expert: new parties on elections will be

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The political scientist, the candidate of political sciences Alexander PALY considers that the situation round changes to the law on local elections confirms a konjyunkturnost of the greatest political forces.

He told about it in the UNIAN comment.

According to A.PALIYa, convocation of extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada specially for modification of the law on elections of deputies of local councils shows, what even the present power isn't able to neglect public opinion completely. Though, the expert added, the criticism was far not the main cause of change of a position of ruling coalition.

According to him, having made the decision that on elections there can be only those local organizations of parties which were registered at least one year prior to the election day, the ruling coalition accurately specified that it is afraid of the competition.

At the same time, I noted A.PALIY, this fear was shared also by the greatest oppositional force - the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc which deputies allowed the coalition to adopt freely the discrimination law on local elections. And now deputies from BYuT even express doubts that their fraction will support the offered changes to this law, the expert added.

At this A.PALIY noted that attempt in every possible way to limit access of new political forces to the power was the main cause of last year's negotiations of BYuT and Party of Regions concerning creation of the wide coalition with the purpose to cancel presidential election.

Meanwhile, opening of opportunities for new political projects to take part in elections if it happens, certainly, becomes the positive fact, I emphasized A.PALIY. Though, he even if new parties will be allowed to participation in elections recognized, they will be in obviously unequal conditions - the Party of Regions put local authorities under rigid administrative control, concentrated media - a resource and at any law the ruling coalition will have the majority in election commissions.

Besides, I noted A.PALIY, elections in majority districts on system relative, instead of absolute majority are kept. "It opens a way for manipulations with technical candidates, "processing" of limited target groups and in general various easy riders.There are cases when elections were won by people who were supported by less than 10% of society. But this question ruling coalition doesn't excite", - the expert told.


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