The Crimean officials "violently exhaust" in Party of Regions?

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The leader of the movement "Russian Unities" Sergey AKSENOV declares that the Crimean officials "violently exhaust" in Party of Regions.

About it to the correspondent of the UNIAN reported in a press - service "Russian unity".

According to S. AKSENOVA, in the Crimea in connection with approach of elections pressure cases became frequent from Crimean "regionals" on the political opponents, thus the Crimean officials violently force to enter Party of Regions.

"To us complain that everywhere practically all people borrowing in the Crimea few - мальски a senior position, are forced to party joining of regions. If the person is the member of other party, to it persistently suggest to replace party membership. If he doesn't agree - threaten to deprive of a position. And it - not empty threats", - was declared by S. AKSENOV

According to him, there are facts as heads of Crimean "regionals" put pressure upon from whom, in their opinion, their result on upcoming elections will depend." For example, by means of tax police and the staff of SBU the real psychological attack on holders of outdoor advertizing is carried out. The slightest occasions to accuse them of illegal activity if they advertize any party except Party of Regions are tried to discover. Thus we know that local "regionals" practically don't pay for the outdoor advertizing, breaking thereby contracts with own hand signed with advertisers. It is curious that pressure upon owners of advertizing spaces put not only tax inspection, but also SBU. Who is engaged at this time in state safety - not clearly. Not clearly as well the one who is responsible for maintenance of life support and socially - economic development of the Crimea: such impression that all went to Party of Regions, and all went to Party of Regions on elections", - S. AKSENOVA quotes a press - service.

"All these steps are quite recognizable. Something similar, only without such really makeevsky scope, was created in the Crimea rather recently - on the eve of presidential election. Vasily DZhARTY (the leader of the PR Crimean organization, the chairman of the board of ministers of ARC - the UNIAN) surely and resolutely walks on the same rake:in advance I declared "plan" for elections - not less than 60 percent pro Party of Regions, and now destroys around everything that can prevent to adjust results of vote to in the advance declared. Thus impression such that all other indicators on which level and quality of life of inhabitants of the Crimea actually depends, the DZhARTY team seriously don't interest", - S. AKSENOV declared.

In this situation "The Russian unity" intends "to make everything in order that the pre-election situation which has developed in the Crimea, and the works methods of local representatives of Party of Regions became known outside the peninsula: in all-Ukrainian and a world scale".

"We intend to make public everything that the persons being covered with a name of the President and creating from this name an arbitrariness get up with the yesterday's political allies. We will render counteraction to an arbitrariness and other methods available to us. We hope that in the Crimea there will be also other healthy political forces which become near us not to allow implementation of The Crimea for Vasily DZHARTA project, - the leader of "The Russian unity" summed up the result told.


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