"Tax specialists can't give this healthy bludgeon", - "Narodn Vlad" about the draft of the Tax code

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The existing draft of the Tax code which still stays in a development stage, limits financial opportunities of local authorities.

Such opinion during today's a press - to conference was expressed by the head of the city organization of Narodna Vlada party, the director of Broadcasting Company "Norm" Oleg Baranov.

- Today trouble of our power - that 25% of money which are raised in a type of tax, remain with us in area, and 75% go to Kiev, - he considers.

Thus Oleg Baranov is sure that "if was on the contrary, for the city power the huge sense would be to be engaged in the enterprises, business, "to pull out" debtors who taxes don't pay, and to deal with all these problems". In his opinion, the situation cardinally would change if at least it was succeeded to leave 50% of taxes in the local budget.

The head of the city organization "National Vlada" is convinced that "it isn't necessary to give to tax specialists here this healthy bludgeon which they are given now" and at a stage of discussion of the Tax code it is necessary to fight for interests of local councils.

- […] The tax code which is offered, does still smaller that part, which remains here (in the local budget - to a comment), - only 20%. 80% will leave upward, and what there with this money will be how they will be distributed and about what power of local deputies it will be possible to speak? After all all of us perfectly know that three quarters of solutions of deputy questions are finance, - Oleg Baranov stated.

In "National Vlada" emphasize what exactly representatives of their political force bring up many questions concerning the Tax code, though are a part of ruling coalition.

- Presence of deputies of the party "National Vlada" in the coalition at all doesn't mean that they have to move blindly, as a ram behind crowd. Each deputy has the opinion. […]. Our deputies didn't vote for the Tax code, - the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of party Evgeny Farafonov accented.

- Our deputies in the coalitions only three, and they the most harmful, - Oleg Baranov threw a remark.

It is known that among the deputies who have been a part of the coalition, the name of the party member "National Vlada", the potential candidate for a post of the mayor of Nikolaev Gennady Zadyrko not least appears.


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