Yanukovych's new embarrassment: In Berlin it mixed Ireland with Italy

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During stay in Berlin the president Victor Yanukovych was allowed the next geographical embarrassment - mixed Italy with Ireland.

It occurred during Yanukovych's speech to representatives of the German public in Adlon hotel, the correspondent of "The Ukrainian truth" reports.

The deputy of the Bundestag, the former Secretary of State the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany Gernot Erler asked Yanukovych concerning his views of eurointegration of Ukraine.

Yanukovych in the answer started remembering how in 2003 the then president of European Commission Romano Prodi told about absence at Ukraine of prospects of membership in EU, and Yanukovych as the prime minister had to react to it.

"And then in 2003 there was a summit Ukraine - EU in Brussels, and on the eve of Romano Prodi's this summit from Ireland - you remember who is such was - he told that Ukraine has no prospect of integration into EU... I was one of the first who had to give it the answer".

"And I told it rigidly: "If it is the point of view of European Commission is one, and I would like it to hear officially. And if it is the point of view of Romano Prodi - that allow to disagree with it. Because not you will solve, there will be Ukraine in EU or not", - Yanukovych told.

It is known that Prodi is known Italian, instead of the Irish politician, the president of European Commission in 1999-2004, in due time it also headed the government of Italy twice.

Developing the thought, Yanukovych called in witnesses of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishchenko present at a hall.

"And then at us rigid conversation at the summit took place. It seems to me, Grishchenko was then a minister... Or not... It was a little later... Who then was... There was your predecessor", - Yanukovych told.

He couldn't remember that Anatoly Zlenko was the Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time.

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