The mayor of Nikolaev decided to save on repair of a paving of Ingulsky Bridge?

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City services generally coped with repair of an asphalt covering of the main roads. That is more noticeable that still there is not repaired a covering of metal adjustable part of Ingulsky Bridge. It causes numerous complaints of motorists and residents. Reports "Evening Nikolaev".

It is necessary to tell that metal asphalting - business ungrateful. Long such covering doesn't maintain. Many years supported him annual "latochny" repair. Six years ago city services for the first time applied own technology: the metal surface was cleared, fat-free, painted over by minium, and then on it strengthened the metal gauze which asphalted. This covering held on some years, but this catastrophic winter for roads put also it out of commission.

- Now we want to make the same, - the mayor Vladimir Chaika told, having held a working meeting with heads of municipal services directly on the bridge. - That 5-6 more years to this question not to come back. Though already there are also more modern technologies: with special mastic cover a metal surface, then put asphalt - and it for ten years. But will cost it to 2,5 million UAH. Expensively! For such money we can make two kilometers of the asphalted road, and here - only 800 square meters. While we will manage more modest option.

Works have to begin on Monday. Traffic on the bridge thus will be partially blocked off - strips, sites.

- It would be possible to consult and in shorter terms, - the mayor explains, - but the technology demands that the processed sites for 2-3 days stood, dried. Therefore inconveniences for motorists will last 12, at most 15 days.


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