How A. Golodnitsky about implementation of the Decree of the President of Ukraine will report?

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There was not a lot of time until when the management of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" should report about implementation of the decree of the President of Ukraine "About actions for ensuring development of Ukraine as sea state" No. 463 of May 16, 2008 according to which, three-months term "for a complete recovery of a deep-water ship course Danube - the Black Sea" is determined. Term comes to an end in the middle of August, and "things are right where they started", therefore to the director A. Golodnitsky doesn't remain anything else how to look for than it is possible to "justify".

To understand why still the new management doesn't conduct works on GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" construction to the simple inhabitant extremely difficult - it would seem that it is simpler - the tender was held, the performer (JSC Ukrmorput) is defined, there is a line in the state budget, means are received. There are doubts in the relation of the general contractor? Exit simple - not to stop production with the old contractor and in parallel to hold competition by definition of the new general contractor and only when the new general contractor will be ready to performance of work to replace it with the old. This real life situation. Wise and responsible people and arrive that business didn't suffer.

So disturbs Ukraine how the sea state, at last, to realize this distressful project?

The answer is simple - as soon as Alexander Golodnitsky appointed to a position of the director of the enterprise responsible for implementation of this project, the train "inaction and delays" in financing of the contractor performing dredging works, come to the end with the termination of the contractual relations by the trial beginning between JSC Ukrmorput and GP "The Delta — the Pilot" began. That threatened implementation of the project.

What was the cause for the termination of the contractual relations from the customer?

In a place of to be engaged in business new team of managers on "The delta - the pilot" spent a lot of time and forces on search and identification of various violations of "financial discipline" the previous head, V.V.Bezdolny. Except numerous checks of CREWE and other bodies, in each direction own inspections by forces of "new team" were carried out. By results of each check information went to appropriate authorities. However, it didn't end with anything - there is no evidential base. It should be noted also that A. Golodnitsky repeatedly declared earlier in the press that only difficult weather conditions in the oseena - the winter period didn't allow to construct a dam in due time. In this situation it is necessary to justify, it is very necessary and it is favorable to lift a subject of 2004 - channel construction it "a zaryvaniye of the state money to the earth and receiving kickbacks".

Here only the situation changed, Ukraine understood long ago that the project GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" is a way of economic development of transport branch. Therefore to say that the Danube — the Black Sea project isn't necessary - politically incorrectly - it is possible to lose also a place, and here to say that the contractor with the former management harm and "earn on idle times" it it isn't so politically illiterate.

To give to the contractor it is simple to perform the work on construction of a dam of GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" means to recognize that the last management everything became correctly - after all the contractor can fulfill the obligations. So, it in any way can't be done - so after all it is possible to lose main "trump" in attempts to blacken Victor Bezdolny.

A. Golodnitsky's this war for "chair" is undoubtedly very fascinating, here only as the state of Ukraine and the project GSH "Danube — the Black Sea"? Badly.

It is bad because today to build a dam there is nobody, the contractor has legal proceedings with GP "The Delta — the Pilot". The new tender was held, the new contractor is defined, it is known just it is the foreign company but when it will be able to start construction of a dam it isn't known. They didn't get used to work with foreign contractors trouble - in our realities - it is possible to walk twice into a same water that in 2004 with the Möbius company. But the most important - is irrevocably wasted precious time. The favorable seasonal period (from February to September) already comes to an end.As practice in the oseena prompts - the winter storm period it will almost not be possible to perform difficult works on stone laying in a dam body with the help плавкранов in open part of the sea on sea bar, as in this place a wave always much more coolly and above than in the sea.

To put interests of the state above own ambitions and desires "new team" heads, on - visible, it is simply incapable.

Therefore search of "whipping boy" who could be presented to the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko as the main responsible not implementation of the Danube — the Black Sea project begins. Such object today try to make "Ukrmorput".

Here only the facts aren't present - well the judicial system, prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies can't to give out wished for valid therefore attempt to inform the "correct" point of view on occurring to the management of Ministry of Transport, the government, the National Security and Defense Council and the President by drawing up "the addresses from staff of the enterprise" becomes. In these addresses, extrajudicially, A. Golodnitsky hands of "collective" exposes Victor Bezdolny and JSC Ukrmorput. Under a press the obvyalennykh of general reductions A. Golodnitsky of 29.07.2008 holds "meeting" where discloses the prepared address to the President of Ukraine with heads of divisions and addressing to the subordinates speaks: "I demand from sitting heads to sign the address immediately, till 31.07 to carry out work in divisions and to collect signatures at workers".

To heads of divisions it is said that signing of this address becomes "a litmus piece of paper" on which at once it will be visible who in team and who isn't present. Many employees of the enterprise estimate such actions of the management as the administrative pressure upon the personnel and consider that only competent authorities can sign such "addresses" with such formulations.

It becomes, that in any way to decline all responsibility and to shift it to others, after all without judgment all these conjectures and charges given in the address to the President - no more than usual slander. Thus there is a question, why it was necessary to involve collective in this action? The answer is very simple - in case of failure of this action and blamestorming session the initiator of "address" will tell: "It not I, am collective".


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