Vasily Kapatsyna: "In association of ports there is nothing such …"

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The chief of GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" Vasily Kapatsyna is very surprised with reaction of the press to the decision of Cabinet of Ministers about association of some ports. In his opinion, in this association there is a common sense about what it and told in interview on August 2.

- As the Minister of Transport and communications Iosif Vinsky on board told on July 25, the Romanian port Constance processes freght traffic of bigger volume, than all 19 seaports of Ukraine. In Ukraine of 95% are export - import potential provide only 7-8 seaports. So ports - Liliputians as the minister told, have to be attached to large ports, - the chief Nikmorporta explained.

According to V. Kapatsyna, accession of small ports to large is not ноу - Hau of Ukraine, "all large ustyevy ports of Europe so work". And in it there is a common sense as "all stevedoring companies which are in one water area, have to work by uniform rules".

We will remind that within reorganization Dnepro will be attached to Nikmorport - Bugsky port. And, as V. Kapatsyna who has joined only considers will win.

- Process of accession of Dnepro - Bugsky port to Nikmorport is an only first stage of the forthcoming reorganization. In the course of reorganization the public administration of port (she will assume economic functions) and sea administration (will assume administrative functions of the state) will be created. After accession Dnepro - Bugsky port which becomes the isolated structural division of NMTP, will have great opportunities for attraction of investments, the capital, development of sea infrastructure. And from this association will win not only any concrete port - will win the region, - V. Kapatsyna considers.

If don't win, in any case, Dnepro's heads - Bugsky port from this accession shouldn't lose. The chief of NMTP assured journalists that "all of the head will be on - former heads, dismissals are excluded a priori, the magnificent group of professionals who will work at the places" there works.

Vasily Kapatsyna and after accession hopes to work as the chief of NMTP: "At me while it turns out".

The subject of possible accession to NMTP and спецпорта "Oktyabrsk" wasn't ignored also. Evil tongues said that all reorganization of ports, in particular, in our region, and was started with the purpose to attach спецпорт "Oktyabrsk". However Vasily Kapatsyna denies that "Oktyabrsk" will join NMTP.
- Someone deliberately submitted the matter for discussion. "Oktyabrsk" has the status, and its destiny isn't considered.


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