Isn't present at the mayor of Nikolaev honor, advantage – considers the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union N. Medvedev

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I bring to your attention the address of the daughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the soldier - N. Medvedev's olshanets - G. N. Medvedeva in Pechersky court of Kiev.

The document in itself is rather eloquent so, in my opinion, doesn't demand additional comments.

We provide to you the address text entirely:


PEChERSKOGO р - on Kiev

Medvedeva Galina Nikolaevna,

living to the address: 54003,

Nikolaev, пр - Lenin's t, 184/66.

Kont.Telefon: 575-578.

Mob. tel.:8-067-872-62-71.

To the claim about honor and dignity protection of the mayor of Nikolaev Chaika V.D. to the People's Deputy of Ukraine ZABZALYUK R. E.

I ask you, YOUR HONOUR to pledge me the word in the case of the mayor of Nikolaev - CHAIKA Vladimir Dmitriyevich who obeys at you in court.

Whether it is worthy to be today on that post which it holds?

I voted for it. I trusted it. At that time he was the normal person. I at that time also would be not not come to mind by thought that Chaika V.D. could destroy completely the sphere zhilishchno - municipal services in the city.

Exactly through his fault me two years dragged that I protected the Laws of Ukraine existing today in the sphere / to economy on vessels. In the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the numerous commissions, including, legislative were created. Deputies could be mistaken in process of the work on a number of questions. They aren't all professionals. But the legislative commission which headed and heads EVDOKIMOV, the member of the FOR CHAIKA Block - the professional. And even in the staff list of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies there is such unit, as the assistant to the mayor concerning housing and communal services. This position is held by KLIMENKO Sergey Vasilyevich. Also the housing and communal services whole Department as a part of more than 70 people, but, instead of purposeful and accurate performance developed by the Government of the Law of Ukraine "About zhilishchno - utilities", and acts to it on preservation of housing stock work, we see neglect to LAWS of UKRAINE. And all this under the leadership of Chaika V.D.How it is possible not to pay due attention to such most important and sore subject, how the sphere of housing and communal services of the city? V.D.'s SEAGULL it is involved in that plundered our housing stock very much. And today this fund in a deplorable state. This fact says that the mayor absolutely didn't think of people. After all this sphere affects, mostly, destinies of citizens.

Today in the city illegal tariffs which 6 times, or perhaps and were raised more work. And how many they rose - all of them illegal.

The law on the matter, accurately says that all tariffs have to be formed only on the basis of economically reasonable facts (Art. 31 of item 2). And:

The "About Zhilishchno — Utilities" STORAGE of 24.06.2005 No. 1875-1V of Art. 7 of item 2;


To this STORAGE there is a Resolution KMU of 10.08.2004 No. 150 in which all types of service for all sphere the housing and communal services necessary to performance for safety of all housing stock of the country and our city, in particular are accurately defined.

Derzhgosstroy order of May 17, 2005 No. 76 where item 2.1.1 accurately defines the work beginning in each house. It means that it is necessary to perform two times a year house inspection, to make the house Inspection certificate, having written down in it all revealed shortcomings. Then - to define by the month works on elimination of all revealed shortcomings, to make on them the estimate and for each sq.m of living space to form tariffs.

These calculations are confirmed also by the Resolution KMU of 12.07.2005 No. 560 which accurately defines the differentiated tariffs.

From 2004 to the present moment any resident in defiance of the About/to Services STORAGE has no contracts with the enterprises of the sphere of housing and communal services.

But, being on the post (Vladimir Dmitriyevich, in an own consent stood in mayors, that is consciously I went to public work that to execute all laws of Ukraine in accuracy) I didn't execute in the sphere of housing and communal services the only LAW of UKRAINE of 24.06.2004 No. 1875-IV and the Resolutions KMU concerning working actions of this sphere to keep all housing stock of Nikolaev. All enterprises of the sphere of housing and communal services work, as well as many years ago, in emergency operation.

Today outside middle of 2008, "and things are right where they started". To Europe to Ukraine it is far.

The mayor an illegal way formed tariffs, i.e. gathered the people. To pay such money not in power, for example, to me, the pensioner which pension makes 514 UAH 49 kopeks.And when I wrote to the mayor that it is necessary to create the social program for the needy population of the city, according to the Resolution of the Supreme Council of Ukraine of 18.03.1999 No. 512-XIV in which it is accurately told that to the sphere of housing and communal services each Ukrainian family has to pay from the cumulative income of no more than 15%, Vladimir Dmitriyevich sent me the answer in which it is accurately told that answers to my statements any more won't be given me.

I ask YOU, YOUR HONOUR, study all documents and then you will draw conclusions.

He considers, what violation of the Basic Law of Ukraine - Constitutions of Art. 22, Art. 48 in my life not on his conscience? ON IT.

I, - not a cyborg, I am a PERSON.

Not one I suffered from illegal actions of the Nikolaev court. It is right, it isn't right - the judgment one: to pay. And on the Law to the Nikolaev court to spit. And anybody for anything in the city doesn't answer. ANYBODY! Any public institution. On any inquiry inhabitants receive formal replies. Also bears for it all responsibility - the MAYOR, Chaika V.D.

From my pension me force to pay more than 40% and more to the sphere of housing and communal services. I made calculations for payment for heating. The sq.m of living space costs 1 UAH 90 kopeks. And me 4 UAH

force to pay

Such point of the About/to Services STORAGE as Art. 30 of item 7 was absolutely ignored by local government.

Further. I am well familiar with Vladimir Dmitriyevich. He well knows my family. He perfectly knows that two my sons whom I grew up one, disabled people of army. He thought what I had to worry when I gave them to the state - healthy, strong and strong and what I should carry today at heart?

He directly wrote to me that the pier, time grew up worthy children, let them and help you. And who told, what they don't help me? HELP. But on a piece of bread I earned to myself. And has to live independently. I gave 40 years to Ukraine and the official like our mayor has to remember that he started working to improve life of the Ukrainian population in the city of Nikolaev, instead of to destroy it.

Documents which I put to the statement, say that the mayor Chaika V.D. didn't protect the people, wasn't sorry. I treated him with disrespect, not honestly I fulfilled the assumed obligations to the people.


I ask you, YOUR HONOUR to consider my statement by consideration of a question of Chaika V.D. finding on a post of the mayor of Nikolaev.

I expressed in it no confidence, as well as many citizens. He very much likes to be drawn before all, and to speak what it good, and actually it, except pocket, on everything to spit.

It personally to me spat in soul, having offended me by the statement that I do unworthy acts, allegedly, being covered with a name of the father - the Hero of the Soviet Union MEDVEDEV NIKOLAY YAKOVLEVICH, the Honourable citizen of Nikolaev.

Than I dishonor his name? What I want to live on - human? Under LAWS of UKRAINE? It isn't NECESSARY to DO OF me NOT LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN of UKRAINE! It isn't NECESSARY to DO OF me the SLAVE!

The SLAVE for Chaika V.D. BUSINESS. There is no HONOUR at it, there is no advantage at it.

My father in 21 years became the disabled person 1-й groups that not only I, but also all country lived adequately.

I ACCUSE Chaika V.D. that I drag miserable existence. The POWER for the population on places has to be effective.

I consider that it violated Art. Z, by Art. 5, Art. 6, Art. 10, the Art. of 11(3) About Public Service STORAGES of 16.12.1993. M 3723-X11.


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