Such here country …

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Any mirage is pleasing to soul,
any illusion of throats...
My dog is proud that is free,
holding in teeth the lead.
I. Guberman

I here all think, well really only the grief and troubles are capable to rally us as the nation …

How many still the flooded villages it is necessary that our elects understood, what it is time to start thinking of the country, instead of of the pockets and preferences? And to think seriously, systemically, not from elections to elections, and every second. But, even the general trouble revealed huge holes in consciousness, not only the mighty of this world, and and simple citizens, having once again stuck out on a public inspection some shameful lines.

To take, for example, messages that in affected areas of the country, having used a grief of the people who have remained homeless and means of livelihood even if it is temporary, in this world повыползали "businessmen" who started trading in food at inflated prices. And after all it not alien speculators from Donetsk, or, God forbid, from Russia, and, dear. What, money doesn't smell? Certainly, don't smell! Who after that will dare to claim, what the West and the East of the country differ mentally? Let the first will throw into itself(himself) a stone!

And the increase of a duty written out by the separate law on the cigarettes, urged to increase receipt in the budget more than by 1 billion hryvnias, differently as mockery on behalf of the government, it is impossible to call! At us that, very cheap cigarettes? In comparison with Europe - yes! But we also aren't able to afford to buy expensive cigarettes! Who there cries out what in all civilized countries the pack of cigarettes costs five euro? And at us that, the salary makes 3-5 thousand euros? Or there can be a payment for our work, all - is slightly lower - on the average than 200 euros? And who there cries out what now young children will buy less cigarette? Yes now for a pack of cigarettes will begin to kill! Same young children.

What for idiocy at us prospers? That poison us with low-quality products, and is universal, probably very few people excite.Once the press reads where write about structure of that is proud is called as domestic food, or to watch terrible in essence the reportings, what water we drink, what air we breathe, and necessarily you will reflect on caducity of life.

Or here, for example, last opus of officials: the Ukrainian people aren't ready to reception in food of the real sausage. Well, that, which of meat, instead of that in which trade. Neither producers aren't ready to let out such sausage, nor consumers aren't ready to pay for it the real price. That is, our power openly recognizes that people poison with any chemical muck, alternately with genetically modified soy, and a situation can't change. Our producer, you see has to convert production to do sausage tasty and harmless. Yes it is simple to put meat it is necessary! Meat is simple. And people already will be defined, to buy to them sausage on 100 hryvnias for a kilogram, or to buy kilogram of fresh meat and to make of it that there is a wish. Well and on the devil to us that the WTO in which we so aspired? What did it give us such that we wouldn't have? Cheap cars? No. Qualitative import products? Not to see something. Decent clothes, not Chinese - Turkish - basement? Welcome to boutiques. There can be high quality medicines, on similar and available to everyone to price? Aha, right now! After long fight for трамадол (strong anesthetizing which prescribe, generally to oncological patients, - a bus) in a parliament subsoil, its cost in the Ukrainian drugstores jumped up twice, and even three times. And instead of habitual and available absorbent carbon on 30 kopeks, simple as any coal, on us palm off the same coal in capsules, but import and in colourful packing, but already for 20 hryvnias.

To Europe, to Europe … How you think, whether there is such amount of preferential categories of citizens in any European country, how at us? Yes any budget won't sustain it. And at us for such budget the whole battles on half a year take place in Rada. Huge armies of exempts attack all spheres of life. Participants of war, participants of operations, Chernobyl veterans, Afghans, disabled people, pensioners, children of war, children from dysfunctional families, orphans … And so on, and so on. We have a country of exempts and pensioners! Nobody asks a question of replacement of privileges monetary compensations. All are afraid of "national anger". And if replaced, cash, instead of virtual would begin to flow in national economy.In any case, there would be an opportunity new trams and trolleybuses to buy in which from morning to evening unclear where pensioners - exempts drive about.

By the way, you know, how many at us pensioners in the country? 14,3 million people, from them on age - over 10,3 million people, on disability - over 2,0 million people. Counting on 1000 inhabitants over 300 pensioners are necessary. Didn't impress? On an UN scale old the population is considered when the share of aged people makes over 65 years more than 7%. In Ukraine it as a whole reached 15,9%, and among villagers - 19,8%. Therefore the population of the country is estimated as very much and very old.

And here still, which - that interesting: in the European Union countries absolutely precisely it is known, how much is human life. At the state level it is established that the person costs where - that within 2 million dollars and above. In Ukraine anybody isn't engaged in such calculations, from - for what cheap compensations (as an example, relatives of victims can give compensations in 100 thousand hryvnias as a result of recent natural disasters in the Western Ukraine) are paid to relatives of the lost citizens. It is possible to find out the cost of life of the Ukrainian citizen only by means of insurance companies. And so, life of the pedestrian is estimated at 51 thousand hryvnias, life of the militiaman - in 250 thousand hryvnias, and here life of the People's Deputy - already in 2 million hryvnias. As though them didn't start stealing, for the purpose of repayment … But, not about it the speech.

The idiocy of a situation as a whole, consists what even the general troubles aren't able to rally people. People are capable to abuse the power, to be at war with neighbors, to oppose NATO … But nobody will give birth to more children because in the country there are a lot of pensioners, nobody will refuse to buy sausage, beer or bread only because they low-quality, but cheap. Nobody will blame speculators in a natural disaster area because business - is business. And nobody calls the exempt the parasite, at everyone in a family such there is a lot of.

Such here the country and to live as - that is necessary …


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