The Nikolaev governor gave the Black Sea coast to nobody to known firm for 49 years

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On Koblevo and Rybakovki's beaches there was an owner. He has to care of an order and purity on all coastline, in a word - to be there the sovereign manager. Who this lucky? Ordinary nikolayevets never would guess. A certain private enterprise "AAS" (the director - Elena Anatolyevna Polyakova, an identification code - 35348078) will be to manage on the rendered habitable, such expensive Black Sea coast of the Nikolaev area now. It is registered to the address: Odessa region, Kominternovsky area, village May Day, Michurin St., 4, quarter 2. To this state of emergency Koblevo and Rybakovki's all beaches for 49 years are rented!

Why "AAS"?

It means that access to the sea can be now only through AAS firm. What in Koblevo attracts vacationers? Sea and some coastal beach meters. But to step into this desired sand, and then to plunge into a warm running wave, - now it is necessary to agree with the tenant of this territory.

Why this state of emergency received such "responsibility" - to become on whole half-centuries the owner of a coastal strip in a resort zone? Why it not any "BBS", namely "AAS"? What it for firm? From where it was found out? Why from Odessa region, instead of from the native? Eventually, by what right by it it is rented coastal (protected by the law, including from rent! ) zone? Why any of recreation facilities never for any term of the power didn't give in rent a beach slice, and this "AAS" was given suddenly, and ALL and AT ONCE? And can to inhabitants of the Nikolaev area it is time already learn the prices of rest in Anapa or at least in the Crimea?

Answers to these questions would like to hear many - both vacationers, and staff of recreation facilities in Koblevo and simply ordinary inhabitants. And here know these answers the very few. And the first among them - the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha.

On April 21, 2008 it publishes the cunning order No. 157 of river. It sounds so: "About granting the wood lot in long-term temporary (on - Ukrainian: "dovgostrokove timchasove") using of state of emergency of "AAS". Interesting formulation:"long-term temporary", isn't it? But even more interestingly phrase "wood lot". In it is that and cunning.

In a preamble to Garkush's order reports that he considered "materials concerning granting the wood lot to AAS private enterprise in long-term temporary use … for the purpose of providing beach services …"

Who gave it these materials, Garkusha doesn't report. Also, as well as doesn't explain how in the wood "beach services" can be provided. Where he saw such wood? At least, in Koblevo such beach wood isn't present.

Further everything clears up. It appears, the beach territory in Koblevo and Rybakovke is in continuous using at the state enterprise "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy". Here Garkusha in the first point of the order also orders:

"To provide to AAS private enterprise the wood lot of 8,75 hectares in long-term temporary use at the expense of lands of forest fund that is in continuous using of GP "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" in "Koblevo's" natural boundary … for the recreational purposes for the purpose of providing beach services for a period of 49 years".

Farther Garkusha, softly so, "suggests" GP "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" to sign the relevant contract with "AAS".

The last clause of the contract the governor imposes control of execution of this order on the deputy A. Kornatsky.

From you 3 million UAH - and пляжьтесь on health

The will of the governor was executed with fantastic efficiency. On the same day (!) the contract with "AAS" state of emergency (No. 64 of 21.04.08), was signed.

Atas! - during a time would be to cry to directors the koblevskikh of recreation facilities in the address "AAS". State of emergency began the work of that suggested them to sign contracts about "joint activity for the purpose of the organization of rest of citizens …"

The essence of contracts consisted that recreation facilities had to pay to AAS firm for service on 2 UAH a day for each vacationer. If on average koblevsky base about 500 people have a rest daily, the base, therefore, had to pay to "AASE" daily in 1 thousand UAH

The corresponding accounting was handed over to directors of bases. The AAS firm counted: she has to receive for a season (2,5 months) from bases neither more nor less - 3 million 24 thousand UAH! And, when economists analysed this accounting, found there the mass of discrepancies, absolutely unreasonable figures.Top of accounting art from outside "AAS" became an arithmetic mistake in calculations of a payment for the electric power. There the firm miscalculated for the whole 856 thousand 614 UAH - "was mistaken", of course, in own favor.

From such "services", naturally, all directors of bases as one, refused - after all these additional expenses should be put on prime cost of permits, that is feed with "AAS" at the expense of vacationers. Moreover, there is no confidence that tomorrow the tenant of beaches won't lift a payment to 4-x, 5-ти millions … He is a monopolist, and all within his power - after all without beach of recreation facility cost nothing.

Any of directors of bases doesn't refuse to pay for cleaning of the beach territory to the local municipal enterprise that now and becomes. But, in - the first, on normal quotations. And in - the second - directors of bases which 30 years exist, are revolted by the that fact that to them any private, to nobody the known firm from other area suddenly blocked a free access to the sea and the beach territory. Heads of bases repeatedly appealed in Berezansky district administration to provide them in rent beach sites, but steadily were refused. It thus that the payment for such rent considerably would exceed the size of a land tax which GP "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy" has to pay. And suddenly - here you are "AAS"!

Heads of recreation facilities don't understand why sandy Black Sea beaches were transferred to Koblevo to "AAS" state of emergency as the wood lot. This "wood lot" is deprived of any vegetation, covered with a continuous layer of sand. Besides, the Forest code of Ukraine doesn't know such type of use of forest resources, as "providing beach services" which is in black and white designated at the order published by the governor.

Directors of bases don't understand why, publishing such order, Garkusha didn't mention the word about the Land code on which in the such document there have to be direct references. Unclear and why competition on buying the land plots though its need is directly provided by the Land code wasn't held. And, at last, the most unclear: why transfer of beaches was carried out secretly, without discussion of this question with owners of recreation facilities and the public, without interests of vacationers?

By regulations it is provided that if to someone the ground is allocated, this question is surely coordinated with those who borders on this site.No coordination with owners the koblevskikh of recreation facilities in this case existed and in mention. But not only recreation facilities are restrained by such order. Any person or family who will arrive to Koblevo, say, for the weekend, too won't have the right of a free access to the sea. Time there is the owner, it will surely put there a barrier which will open only for a certain payment.

Actually, such in Koblevo already began. After directors of bases refused to pay "Aasovtsam", those started setting up fences. Directly on a beach strip there were good fellows from state enterprise "Black Sea Coast" which by request of AAS firm, parting forcibly vacationers, began to throw out directly on sand building materials. Then, on a beach "shelters" from a wire in the human growth, separating people from water started appearing, the bases for capital buildings started growing in other places-. In one place of state of emergency of "AAS" even managed to hang out the plate "V.I.P. ZONE". It means that the vacationer who has entered this zone, becomes the VIP - a person - that is has to pay for everything at "AASA" prices.

Looking at a construction arbitrariness directly on a beach, directors of bases caused militia - it appeared that builders have no allowing documents for construction works. The indignant directors of bases whom impudently separated a mesh fence from the sea, by a mutual consent cleaned these barriers, previously having invited journalists with a photo - and the video equipment.

Today such "shelters". it seems, no. But our own photos which were made in these days off. testify that the AAS firm didn't calm down, and fences can appear at any time.

"Frankly speaking, I didn't know …"

Garkusha's above-named order sheds light on mysterious emergence of state of emergency of "AAS" on the beach horizons of the Nikolaev area. It is clear - it something very much attracted to the Nikolaev governor. And here what exactly and where it found it (something the press I didn't hear that it often happened in the village May Day the Kominternovsky region of Odessa region) - today, besides, know the very few. In any case, Garkusha in this respect is silent.

Or perhaps and he doesn't know? Question crazy, but only at first sight. We will remind, the above-named order was signed on April 21 this year. And in July of the same year Garkusha … knew nothing about him. Whether I forgot, whether I didn't see that signed, - but, it appears, I didn't know.

Here that the Evening Nikolaev newspaper (No. 77 wrote of 12.07.08) in a material under the heading "The Governor Answered Questions of Journalists":

"The situation with koblevsky beaches which the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy leased for 49 years to AAS private enterprise, excited the public. Therefore it was commented by the governor. According to him, the regional state administration started dealing with this situation after information on leasing the koblevskikh of beaches appeared in mass media. And before the governor didn't know that management of forest and hunting economy can dispose of koblevsky beaches. "I, frankly speaking, didn't know that the coastline in Koblevo belongs to lands of management".

Probably, Garkusha didn't know, as the coastline in Rybakovke too belongs to the same "forest" lands. Though on the same day, 21.04.08 I signed one more order (No. 158-р) rather Rybakovsky beaches - this time it was recommended to transfer a site of 7,7 hectares with the same purpose for 49 years to RICH AAS private firm.

Total: 15, 5 hectares of the so-called wood are no other than 16 kilometers of a beach strip on the Black Sea coast of Nikolayevshchina which 49 years will own AAS private enterprise. In the budget of the Nikolaev area, certainly, won't arrive kopeks of taxes as the firm is registered in Odessa region, - unprecedented patriotism of the governor Garkusha. (Perhaps he secretly dreams to become the governor of Odessa region? Or in Odesshchina friends it has more, than among nikolayevets? )

On the same the press - Garkush's conferences promised to understand that occurs on the koblevskikh beaches. The Evening Nikolaev newspaper wrote:

"For today there is a check concerning target use of the earth of state of emergency of "AAS", the governor informed, and in about 3-4 days it will be precisely clear, whether all there as it should be. Though while the situation doesn't cause fears".

Still! What fears about state of emergency of "AAS" the one who put this firm can have to manage on the coast! And about, whether "all there as it should be", for certain - all! From the moment of these statements passed any more three days, and three weeks. Silence. Means - there a full order. Order, of course, in garkushiny understanding. Probably, this order in its understanding - approximately the same phenomenon, as well as honesty in its understanding ("Frankly speaking, I didn't know …"), as well as conscience in its understanding, with which at Garkusha everything is all right.


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