Moroz declares that 7 years said lies about Kuchma's participation in Gongadze's murder

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The leader of SPU Alexander Moroz considers that ex-the president Leonid Kuchma has no relation to murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze.

Moroz declared it in interview to the newspaper the "Business", published on Tuesday.

"In Gongadze's destiny Kuchma's complexes were used: irascibility, fieriness. Therefore his statements overwound and skillfully used. But I think that it has no relation to murder of the journalist", - Moroz declared.

"Those who happened at it in an office are involved and gave to it advice", - he added.

Moroz also emphasized that "many ends are chopped already off".

"Since the late Kravchenko and finishing the general Pukachem, which, according to some data, now in States. It is an example of mutual responsibility when all are dependent from each other", - he told.

"Most likely, Yushchenko during "orange" revolution gave some guarantees to Kuchma that that signed the laws concerning change of procedure of elections", - Moroz declared.

Answering a question, that Moroz, acting as one of organizers of the stock "Ukraine without Kuchma", I demanded that Kuchma was punished, I told:

"Charges have to be as appropriate arranged: charge presentation, consequence, court. It it isn't made. The consequence has to determine the volume of violations. However it is blocked. Whom? Power. Why? Because all are connected by mutual responsibility", - Moroz told.


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