Alexey Garkusha – about "Bush's legs". And also about NATO, hours and pants

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On July 31 on Nikolaev TV channel I took place a press - Alexey Garkusha's conference. Answering a question of when on sale there will be a long-awaited cheap American chicken meat, the governor reported that 400 tons of chicken meat of production of the USA arrived to the city. But as the state distribution network doesn't exist, meat will be implemented through supermarkets with which management there is an arrangement. Task of the authorities - to provide sanitary and veterinary control and control of the size of a trade extra charge.

Then unexpectedly A.Garkusha decided to connect "humanitarian assistance" of the American uncle suffering from a lack of the cheap food to Ukraine with a subject of the accession to NATO.

- You noticed that actually we already entered NATO. Goods which we use, even more often appear NATO made in the countries. Hours, footwear, TVs, refrigerators, irons, washing machines, window blocks - all this arrives from there, - he told.

And now, it is necessary to understand, already and the food …

Here the g - Garkush's N, in our opinion, allows the superficial approach not peculiar to the multiwise politician and the strong business executive what is, and word for word repeats the argument of the main promoter of pro-NATO promotional campaign Vyacheslav Kirilenko (not to confuse to Ivan Kirilenko! ). And mistakes thus allows, at least, two. One - actual, another, is worse than that, system.

With hours - that turned out inattentively. The best global manufacturers of these devices are located in neutral Switzerland which never in NATO was. And the Ukrainian market of hours is filled with production of the countries of Hugo - East Asia and China. Not darling, what hours at Alexey Nikolaevich, and I here use some years "Rekord Classic" of the Ukrainian production presented by the Kiev mayor A.Omelchenko. The mechanism in them - Russian, the case - Belarusian, a bracelet and assembly - domestic.Go - second in a second …

As for household appliances, electronics, clothes and footwear, furniture, and now and cars, Ukrainians use even more often goods from China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore … And not only Ukrainians, but also Europeans, and Americans. So to us, all to enter Heavenly Empire?

And how energy carriers which we consume? Especially in the winter. How about the natural gas which is article of critical import for our still staying afloat chemical industry? And nuclear fuel for the nuclear power plant?

Anything surprising that in the modern globalized world everyone makes that can and is able that is cheaper also than the best quality. In the world markets - rigid competitive fight. To this process of NATO has only mediated relation, sometimes force imposing to the countries and the people developed under the leadership of the USA voyenno - political and economic strategy.

But NATO - at all club of producers, and a place of Ukraine in it will be defined by its international influence and economic and military power. Generally, you understand …

We will ask high-tech production industries a ruling layer of modern Ukraine why our country loses from year to year own competitive advantages, turning into the country of dealers, shopkeepers, meadowsweets and bank clerks, into the country - the supplier of guest workers to the countries of Europe, the Middle East, and even into Australia and Latin America.

Us urge to ensure the safety at the price of loss of part of the sovereignty. And in the form of compensation allow to consume the low-quality production of the American poultry farms intended for the "developing" countries of Black Africa. Which g - N Pozhivanov, involuntarily сривившись, defiantly tries on tooth before television cameras.

What will be with domestic poultry farming, animal husbandry and processing industry? Obviously, the same, as with a domestic production of sugar …

I sympathize with A.N.Garkushe. As the prominent functionary of party of V. Litvin, it has to be the consecutive lobbyist of a domestic producer, especially agricultural. But, probably, during an ascension to Goverla acquired and I started broadcasting the slogans proceeding from political losers and the unpopular population at sane part.

The only hope of our leaders for implementation of their political plans - that these sane slowly but surely becomes less.Since 1991 - already on 7 million.


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