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There are three well checked ways in order that very quickly and "to earn" in Ukraine much.

1. Privatization. When for cheap or even it is free of charge possible it is state - public to make the. Television here not exception. Examples such are simply remarkable, but it is a subject for other article …

2. Capture of someone else's property, on - modern - "raiding". And cheap but good. It is more than rage, it is less than morals, conscience, patriotism. The more perfidiously and more cynically, the will easier escape punishment.

3. Creation of the intermediary. After all meat, for example, from the producer to a counter rises in price already four times. And the intermediary on a national scale - Klondike! As with gas - it isn't important how much is, it is important - who removes percent and with whom shares.

The thoughtful reader for certain paid attention to the developed steady rule: if in statements for business the word "national" deliberately loudly sounds, means will godlessly say lies. And if the word "people" often repeats - will impudently plunder. That costed only by swindle with the national car when on the basis of "Tavriya" promised to create for "people" a line of "national" supercars, including the truck tractor. And after all citizens believed! Cars, of course, the new didn't appear, but there was a two-three of families of multimillionaires. After all деньжища the ogromadny were processed! The profit on one restrictions on car import from - for borders fantastic - already captures spirit. Simply and reliably. Time left - none will be the wiser.

But is closer to our subject. Today's conversation - about the next large-scale cheating which hostage there was the whole branch and tens of millions people. This business is called - the project is obscure for the majority of his users, but is promising for his founders - "provider of program service". Customers of the project - structure which as a result of the last repartitions of property took in management advertizing and media business in the country. By the way, their considerable part is controlled by owners from - for borders! The performer of the project - National council of Ukraine on TV and RV.

Project purposes:

a) capture in own free using of the best technical part of the resource providing an emerging market of a cable television;

b) the termination of access to "not", as a rule, to better programs, with simultaneous artificial increase in ratings and the income from display of own substitute (it is no secret that three quarters of a broadcasting of the companies - customers of the project are the stale foreign product which has been densely covered with advertizing tabachno - spirits and foreign brands);

c) creation of the uniform intermediary through whom will pass all foreign broadcasting (something like own private customs with all its attributes - duties, excises and kickbacks).

Pluses пректа. Any primary investments. Speed of realization. Superincome. After all financial side of media business is badly controlled by the state that allows to remove easily means abroad under the pretext of payment of copyright or purchase of a content and - it is simple in the offshore, without any pretext.

Project minuses. Legal lawlessness. Can lead to irreversible consequences in the form of full degradation of real national media business. Legal and political conflicts - aren't excluded up to the international level - round questions of censorship, restriction of freedom of business, monopolism and the other not democratic phenomena.

I started this project in March, 2006. Time was chosen the successful. In a cock-a-hoop of the last days of existence now structure of the Verkhovna Rada "before last" were thrown and changes to the Law "About Television and Broadcasting" are on the quiet dragged. It came true and believed: the way back isn't present! Ukraine received homebrew "provider program послуги", thus, that such similar world television practice didn't know before anything. But further - it is more. At first arrangements, then deception (the promise of signing of versatile persons and an oath in eternal love and friendship), and then simply threats frankly started exhausting cablemen in a program stall, i.e. to license them also as providers, without explaining especially that this such and without having found time to make at all though any license conditions. If only to manage to put a brand.

Having understood soon that to what and as - instead of as reflected, to kiss majestic hands of members of the National Council, to admire their wisdom and insight - cable operators reared. Conversations on corruption arrangement, double licensing, violation of a freedom of enterprise, censorship, destruction of a cable television as branches went.Then public questions to the National Council - intelligible answers began, certainly, didn't follow. Both parties started submitting claims to courts - all affairs were won by cablemen. After that the rigid prtivostoyaniye began. On the one hand the National Council, with another - the Union of a cable television of Ukraine and Ukrteleset association.

The National Council worked with the checked methods - dispatched on forgery areas - denunciations of heads of SKTU and UTS and frankly said lies, through the word repeating "national" and "people" (that it means, I won't repeat). Cablemen in reply published articles and wrote missives, covering them with convincing facts and examples, carried out a press - conferences, conducted consultations, explaining that the hitroprinyaty law can't be executed, without violating the Constitution and a number of codes and country laws. Cablemen weren't too lazy to go to Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam where held negotiations with legislators and heads of telecommunication business of Europe, having got support and having finally realized depth of neglect of the processes happening in Ukraine. After that at cablemen didn't remain other exit, except how to declare the requirement about resignation of the National Council and to appeal to the government, parliament and president to interfere and rescue branch from the planned destruction. Otherwise soon, including the TV, the Ukrainian viewer with bitterness realizes: that to it suggest to look, became much worse and much more expensive …

May, 2008. From all 600 operators in Ukraine about 300 are already driven into a corner - пролицензированы as providers. Capture in free using of the best part of a resource in a cable under the humiliating name "universal service" is successfully complete. There was a position of the National Council about a ban of use by providers in cable networks of the majority of foreign channels to which the viewer got used and without which a cable television as business, can't exist. "The television customs" earned. On a boundless and infinite way to EU...

It has to become a shame to someone from heads of Ukraine with such humiliating cheating of her citizens or they watch TV only when show their performances?

Oleg Alexandrov


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