The trolleybus line to the Ship area will build by means of supermarkets?

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It seems, the "long-playing" construction project of the trolleybus line to the Ship area comes nearer to a home straight.

In any case, the deputy of the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha who has reported gave such hope that on July 27 at the last meeting of executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council the draft decision of session of city council on the investment project with participation of the Czech businessmen on construction of the trolleybus line to the Ship area was approved.

It is already notable result, especially if to consider that before there were two years of conversations, visits of Czechs to Nikolaev and thoughts of the city power.

- There is the Czech party, there is an offer for 30-35 million euros to build the trolleybus line to the Ship area, - the deputy mayor who has quietly reacted to exclamation of journalists concerning the sum (at the very beginning of discussion of this project it was a question of 25 million euros) told: - Inflation should be considered.

We will remind that if at the very beginning of discussion of the Czech project Czechs insisted on the commodity credit that not really arranged the city authorities: to take the commodity credit, the city authorities would need coordination of Cabinet of Ministers and participation of a state program, but this issue wasn't resolved.

And after long negotiations it was succeeded to incline Czechs to individual share in the investment project: the Czech party has to provide 95% of means, Nikolaev - 5%. This project passes the deputy commissions, told A.Zhenzherukh, and the mayor Vladimir Chaika added that in a month predesign development in which the Nikolayevdorproyekt institute (it now is engaged have to be already ready, by the way, as this development acts with - the investor in this project).

There will be also others with - investors from the Nikolaev party - the supermarkets which are already located or under construction on the Shirokobalkovsky stage become them.
"They as investors, agreed after obtaining the project to contribute the share in this project in proportion to square meter of the space occupied by them. By my estimation, the minimum from the Nikolaev party will participate in this project of 8 investors, but we will twist there 10-12 investors.On a stage there are 8 supermarkets which already agreed to participation in this project", - the mayor Vladimir Chaika told.


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