"Person of a humanitarian era"

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The sources close to an environment of the President, claim that from Victor Andreevich's Crimean plank bed broke Tymoshenko's shameless videos.

On Saturday anybody in the country didn't expect that Victor Yushchenko will interrupt the deserved rest before Monday - On August 4 for it waited in Chernovitsky area. But, probably, Yushchenko's subordinates thought that if the head of the power will be further, speaking to Dostoyevsky's language, "to indulge the members" under the southern sun, "Yulke" will get all monasteries of the winner of elements. Certainly, and Victor Andreevich felt that almost daily visits (with a break on visit of the Verkhovna Rada for the sake of the adoption of changes in the budget) Tymoshenko to the flooded regions is "not his politician". Teleforeshortenings of the prime minister favorable in every respect, soaring as Valkyrie, by helicopter over the flooded villages, too poisoned Victor Andreevich's serene stay at the Crimean dacha. But television rollers which showed to multimillion audience the uneasy Tymoshenko addressing to the nation about the help, - against shots, the zhivopisuyushchikh revelry of natural powers became the last push which has awakened in the President concern for destinies of fellow citizens suffering from elements.

This shamelessness the prime minister - the minister also induced Victor Andreevich to collect the remains of the will in a fist, approve the informed sources. He suddenly thought that Tymoshenko will have enough impudence (however, already sufficed) to use in the continuous race for power this, got to it from giving of the President a trump: the coddled talker where - that idles far from human eyes and television cameras, and the tireless woman rushes about like mad, having charged the brittle neck with national trouble.

Victor Andreevich was blown up and appeared suddenly on Sunday in Ivano - Frankovsky area. And for the last three days the President developed such rough activity, traveling in the places which already have been almost exempted from elements that level peculiar to it public relations - clowneries simply reads off scale.

Exercises with a shovel (yesterday on Bukovina, today to Zakarpatye) is, certainly, classics. Shovel, instead of hetman mace, - a true symbol of presidency of Victor Andreevich. The shovel accompanies it practically everywhere:and in the burning woods of Hersonshchina, and on community work days in "Arsenal", and on infinite actions on landing of a guelder-rose.

We suspect that it isn't casual. Here you shouldn't carry out associations with Pushkin image of the emperor Peter I ("That the academician, the hero, the seafarer, the carpenter, it comprehensive soul on a throne eternal was the worker") - at least because from the tsar - the reformer energy a key beat, and from Victor Andreevich only mere words pour. Most likely, the President is still struck with that fact that from the barefoot herdboy of geese it was beaten out in the historical figures able with taste to select ties and to say the words "ambition" or "acceptance". And therefore readiness from such heights, "above, than the Lavrsky belltower" to go down on the guilty earth and to rummage in it ten minutes, it has to be perceived, probably, subject our Guarantor as something supernatural and to cause in them tears of emotion. It is that type of self-abasement which, according to the same Dostoyevsky, stronger other arrogance will be and is only demonstration of the lordly relation to life and people around: here the pier what I wonderful, wasn't afraid before low work to fall! All look at me and think: "It is necessary!. "

Most ridiculous that thus and to Victor Andreevich, even at minimum developed reflection and ability to introspection, has to be, is clear that it became such anti-Bender, that is "house manager" didn't leave it, it is necessary to train for a new profession in something bigger. If not in the count Monte - Cristo, in something uncommon. The benefit, always there are people who are ready to explain to Victor Andreevich his highest mission. And recent embarrassment with young nardepky from "The uniform center" Lesya Orobets, which, obviously, didn't warn that Yushchenko nevertheless will interrupt holiday and will be in time to "shapochny analysis" that with own hand to wave with a shovel, yet the most amusing. How now to be hotter than this to the fan of the way of life chosen by Victor Andreevich if he only after the eyes saw elements consequences, compared it to Chernobyl? As to it and it similar to regard the yesterday's phrase of - on Yushchenko: "We are Ukrainians, and all of us today together"? After all it is absolutely clear that similar the head of state is obliged to tell something to people in the circumstances. But as it is clear that you won't say such words from a balcony of the Crimean giving.

Shortly before a flood one more, however, more adult madam Lilia Grigorovich, in 2001 sprayed kerosene in Victor Andreevich's glory, pointed to a true place of - on Yushchenko. L. Grigorovich I declared the following, making comments on results of the next opinion poll which has recorded proceeding falling of the rating of the President: "A problem not in V. Yushchenko's rating, a problem in our anti-rating as it already the person from an era of humanitarian society, and we still swim in dirt of information slops … 6% are too much. It is the real rating of the real people who understand that the president does … We have a unique leader. Chernovol too once had a rating of 4 and 6 percent, but now he would be supported by 70%. Let's support Yushchenko 70-ю in percent, at least from - for Chernovol's lessons".

The essence of this nonsense, generally - that, is clear. To only elected apologists it is clear, than on this guilty earth Victor Andreevich is engaged, only devoted can make out in his "anti-rating" something "epoch-making". But seriously to consider "anti-rating" as the selectness press Victor Andreevich can't, despite all efforts of close bootlickers. From here and feverish public relations - actions: "obnimashka" with the affected population, and statements - addresses, both exercises with a shovel and cement and not just like that, and with "a shade of the highest value" - with capsule instillation in the base of a rural hut! Interestingly, who is the author of this idea? Someone inspired in the President need of such foolish act?

Cement shovel to a tar flank, clearly, you won't spoil. And the fallen rating became now also damped. And his sculpture in natural growth with a shovel will be the best monument to it to "the person of a humanitarian era" - "Victor Yushchenko digs to himself a political grave".


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